The Benefits of doing an Internship in China (2)

For anyone who wants to take their life in a new, exciting and entirely beneficial direction, an internship in China should be the first thing that comes to mind. Many people are already aware of the many aspects that make China a great choice for living and working. For those who are still new to it all, read on to find out just what it is that makes an internship in China such a great idea.

The Chinese Town Where Crickets are Worth More Than Gold

Cricket fighting has been popular in China for thousands of years, and with the country in full economic boom, fans of the “sport” are investing more money into it than ever before. One town in particular has built an entire industry around the genetically-superior crickets living in the surrounding fields, and for good reason, as the best specimens can reportedly sell for up to 50,000 yuan ($7,661).

4 types of VISA for internship in China

If you are considering an internship in China, you will need to think what kind of visa you need to have for the internship. Here I listed 4 types of visas for undergraduates and graduates from local Chinese university or abroad universities and for a Special group of students “ French” to do internship in China.

A Growing Number Of Chinese Students Seek Overseas Internships

Guo Nana, 21, is a senior at Shandong University of Technology. In August of 2016, she lived for one month in Cambodia to intern at a non-government organization called E-tuk Education. The student told the Global Times that she hoped this experience could expand her world vision while also add a highlight to her resume.

Why Chinese Parents Spend BIG Money on Children Summer Programs

An essay titled “A Monthly Salary of 30,000 RMB Is Not Enough for a Child’s Summer Holiday” has recently gone viral on Chinese social media, triggering hot debates on how more and more Chinese parents spend huge amounts of money to educate their children during school holidays.