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Business manager(Russian/Ukrainian/Indian)

Location: Shanghai, CHINA

About the company

ZOOMY is a high-tech company which serves the Southeast Asian market, combines big data, software and hardware platform, and is determined to innovate. With hardware, technology, service, brand and culture as the core, ZOOMY insists on innovation, solidly exports Chinese enterprises and Chinese elements to Southeast Asia, and does a good job of information platform service. ZOOMY is the largest new media platform in Southeast Asia. Under the support of cloud computing big data platform, it promotes the domestic Internet companies and consumer brands to the Southeast Asian market. It is a digital highway leading to the whole area. At present, the company has more than 70 workers in Shanghai headquarter and more than 10 in Indonesia branch.

Company website:


  1. Independent development of international customer service – online advertising, advertising alliance
  2. The main work will be in digital advertising as a partner to develop customers around the world.
  3. Open up international market and add international enterprises publish advertisements on zoomy platform.


  1. Indian / Ukraine / Russian
  2. 1-2 years experience of business development / marketing / sales
  3. less than 35 years old, bachelor degree or above.
  4. Could communicate in Chinese simply.
  5. Could be interviewed in shanghai face to face.

Plus: Familiar with app, interested in new digital things, familiar with mobile applications, mobile games or media purchases, better if you have a work visa


  1. Salary structure: base salary (10k-18k X 12 months) + royalty (0.4%-0.5%), previous  Colleague salary exceeds 20k monthly .
  2. Work visa support
  3. Paid annual leave, paid sick leave according to regulations.
  4. Company has an international professional training team, regularly organizes training, and improves the promotion/pay mechanism.

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