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International Product Developer

Location: Beijing, CHINA

About the company

Huizhaofang (Beijing) Network Technology Co., Ltd founded in December 2014,.started with the brand of “huifenqi”, focusing on the “renting by stages” business and services. Our company has 300-400 workers, and more than 20 branches throughout the country now. In 2017, huifenqi announce to enter into the rental market, build renting plat- huizhaofang. At the beginning of 2017, huifenqi got the C round financing. In July 2018, huizhaofang got the D round financing by Tencent. the company will accelerate the expansion of the market, increase the number of housing sources, improve transaction efficiency, accelerate the integration of the entire rental market resources, grow up more and more quickly.

Address:F8, huakong Building, NO.1, shangdibei Road, haidian District, Beijing

Number of Job Vacancy:1

Company Website:


Responsible for overseas promotion of C-terminal products (APP).


  1. at least 3 or more language talent, Chinese could basic communicate.
  2. 1 year or above working experience, with international product promotion experience.
  3. familiar with internet app overseas promotion, familiar with IOS and Google channel promotion.
  4. not more than 33 years old, bachelor degree or above.


  1. annual salary range from 300k -600k (pre tax), negotiable.
  2. Salary structure: 13-15 months fixed salary + year-end bonus + option, negotiable.
  3. Work visa support.
  4. Paid annual leave, paid sick leave according to regulations
  5. Company has an international professional training team, regularly organizes training, and improves the promotion/pay mechanism.

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