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//SEO Director in shenzhen
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SEO Network Promotion Director 

Location: Shenzhen, CHINA

About the company

Founded in 2001, Shenzhen Xinguodu Technology Co., Ltd (NEXGO) is a high-tech enterprise dedicates to research and development, manufacturing of POS terminals and provide comprehensive associated technical services for electronic payment. We also provide electronic funds transfer, debit card service and other electronic finance service. Growing over a decade, we are able to provide the world leading products and services independently. The company was officially listed on the Growth Enterprises Market in October 2010, with stock No.: 300130.

Until October 2016, we have 1319 employees, including 451(34%) for R&D, 397(45%) for manufacturing, 182(14%) for sales and technical service, and 89 (7%) officers.


  • 针对国内出海硬壳厂商及海外本土厂商深度合作,拓展海外流量入口资源。
  • Aiming at the deep cooperation between domestic hard shell manufacturers and overseas manufacturers, to expand overseas flow access resources.
  • 负责海外安卓和ISO的渠道开拓,以获取新用户及用户后续充值交易为导向,达成预期的转化效果。
  • Responsible for overseas Android and ISO channel development, to obtain new users and users follow-up recharge transactions as a guide, to achieve the desired transformation effect.
  • 负责合作渠道的数据监控和反馈跟踪,跟进各渠道合作情况,跟踪渠道投放效果,制定有针对性的推广策略。
  • Responsible for data monitoring and feedback tracking of cooperation channels, follow up the cooperation of various channels, track the effect of channel delivery, and formulate targeted promotion strategies.


  • 4年以上应用市场推广经验,熟悉海外应用市场推广
  • More than 4 years of application marketing experience, familiar with overseas application marketing.
  • 熟悉厂商规则,有丰富大厂资源,包括海外厂商资源
  • Familiar with vendor rules, rich resources of large factories, including overseas manufacturers resources.
  • 精通西班牙/俄罗斯语,中文不做要求,可接受出差
  • Proficient in Spanish / Russian, Chinese not required, business trip acceptable.
  • 日常数据统计,监控,量化分析,对推广动作,异常数据进行评估预测并提出合理建议
  • Daily data statistics, monitoring, quantitative analysis, evaluation and prediction of promotion activities, abnormal data and make reasonable recommendations.
  • 本科学历及以上,男性优先
  • Bachelor degree or above, Male preferred.


the salary is about 15-30k monthly, not included the Annual bonus is 1-3 months’ salary. The exact will be confirmed after interview. Insurance and working visa supplied.

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