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//Customer Representative job in shanghai
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 Customer Service Representative

Location: Shanghai, CHINA

About the company

Weiyin is a professional BPO service provider. As the best call center solution provider in China, Weiyin provides professional services to many Fortune 500 companies and a number of large and medium-sized multinational companies.

Weiyin has three branches in China, located in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu. It has more than 2,000 operators who provide multilingual services in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Indonesian for customers in different countries. It can provide a full range of services to customers including market research, telemarketing, after-sales service, customer care and information consultation.

Each operation center of Weiyin has a group of loyal, dedicated and professional management talents and technical experts, and has a quality management system in line with international standards. Strong technical creation and technology development capabilities enable us to have powerful and flexible business services and technical service platforms to provide customers with a variety of customized solutions.

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  1. Communicate with Korean/Japanese customers by Email telephone, etc., and provide relevant information on pre-sales and after-sales consultation.
  2. Assist customers in querying the update processing of orders
  3. Deal with general complaints
  4. Other things need help


  1. Korean/Japanese (Taiwanese who are proficient in Japanese), Chinese is not mandatory
  2. With good communication skill and high stress tolerance, accept shifts
  3. Typing speed is not less than 30 words per minute
  4. One with customer service experience is preferred


  1. 13800 RMB – 14300 RMB per month(pre-tax)
  2. 2000 RMB/month rent subsidy
  3. An extra month salary as year-end bonus
  4. Work five days per week (day-off may not be weekend as per shifts), get paid during overtime hours according to labor law
  5. Work visa will be applied for you
  6. Holiday benefits
  7. Paid annual leave, paid sick leave according to regulations
  8. Company has an international professional training team, regularly organizes training, and improves the promotion/pay mechanism.

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