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Free Internship Program In China

We offer a paid marketing internship in the in/export business company in China

Get the Internship in China Fast-Growing Economy

Internship Union offers the best internship in China with suitable options. The internship program is particularly designed to provide the best career opportunities for the talented students. We are one of the best Internship in China. We offer the best internship opportunities in cities like Shanghai, Beijing and so on. You can get the offers and chance to intern with the companies with fast-growing economy. Most companies are firmly seeking for foreign students with worship of international team. We can guarantee all candidates with the post-internship recruitment as well as the internship in China for free. The best value of Internship offer is that students will meet different culture. In fact, the cross cultural work experience can enrich your life and help you acquire foreign language.

Are you looking for the internship in China? Then choose the best internship provider in China. We offer the internship in china for free!  The China internship program is specially designed to provide the career opportunity to the talented students. We are one of the internship providers. We offer you the chance to intern in fast-growing companies. We offer the internship opportunity in different cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, and so on. Companies are firmly seeking for foreign students with worship of international team. According to the performance of the candidates, there is the opportunity for the post-internship recruitment.

By applying for Classic Service, you can enjoy your internship for free in China, you will meet different culture which has great value to you. You will notice the traditions and custom in China and learn some Chinese language. The internship experience is appreciated on the resume. Premium Service will provide more optional service but it will cost you $1000 per month. Internship Union is equipped with excellent employees and partners in China. It is the main reason why you should choose InternshipUnion as the internship provider in China. Our experts may also appreciate it if students can learn the official language and express the interest in their tradition and culture.


Only focus on in/export internship position in China specially for ecommerce

No agency fee for internship position, interns just pay the air ticket and visa fee

Support you according to our professional experience

Free accommodation based on a home stay program


  • Duration – more than 3 mon
  • Internship position (candidate selected by company, position may switched to another of some Unpredictable reason )
  • All contracts or evaluations (according to student’s performance ) with school
  • Allowance: 500CNY/ month
  • Visa consultation (not visa service)
  • Homestay in local Chinese family(80% of the students can get it)
  • Common Suggestion and tips
  • Emergency assistance (call only for emergency situation)


  • Duration – more than 1 mon
  • Internship position (position selected by candidates and assured )
  • All contracts or evaluations (according to student’s performance ) with school
  • Allowance: 2000CNY/ month
  • Mandarin class: 4h/week
  • Homestay in local Chinese family or A room ( more than 10m2)
  • Welcome package: (Habitation registration; Buy a Sim card;Picking up from airport or train station)
  • offline Emergency assistance
  • Take the product as the object, analyze the customer demand, dig the story behind the product;
  • Participate in brand packaging creative, copy work, collaborative design department to complete the theme of advertising posters and soft writing;
  • According to a specific topic or task, put forward planning scheme, participate in planning and implementation of the program;
  • marketing planning, creative design and promotional materials Atlas copywriting;
  • capture the company’s new product advantage, to promote the program, the collection of advertising materials;
  • promote the company’s brand image, plan publicity and promotion activities;
  • Marketing and promotion plan documents drafting, implementation of activities and activities of feedback;
  • Brand, product promotion, corporate promotional copy writing and update;
  • Be self-motivated, independent and able to take initiative;
  • Ability to creatively research and formulate potential marketing strategies;
  • Good on English language of talking and writing;
  • A solid understanding of how web applications work including security, session management, and best development practices;
  • Hands-on experience with network diagnostics, network analytics tools;
  • Aggressive problem diagnosis and creative problem solving skills;
  • Ability to work and thrive in a fast-paced environment, learn rapidly and master diverse web technologies and techniques;
  • Fill the online application
  • Send the CV to our manager
  • Range a Wechat interview in internet
  • Prepare all the documents after positive answer from the company
  • Start your VISA application
  • Come to China for the internship
  • Business Area: Marketing
  • Location: Hangzhou shenzhen Shanghai Suzhou nanjing guangzhou
  • Allowance: 500-2000 CNY

Internship Union

We offer a paid marketing internship in the in/export business company in China

We offer you the chance to intern in the fast-growing economy. We offer the internship opportunity in the different city such as Shanghai, Beijing, and others. The entire internship is with the firm seeking foreign students to worship the international team. Depends on the performance of the candidates, there is the opportunity for the post-internship recruitment.  We offer the internship in china for free!  



Before now, I was actually worried on where my internship program will be not until I came across this lifetime opportunity. I say a big thank you to Internship Union.

China indeed is a great place , wonderful place . I love adventures a lot, so I had no challenge in adapting.

I would say I am the luckiest because I was housed by the nicest family, and given utmost attention and assistance to the point I never felt like leaving.
I commend the effort of internship union for their initiative and for making it work. This is worth recommending.Best regards to the team.

Lola Hernandez, 2015 Alumni From Germany

“ I had always wanted the opportunity to go to China for an internship. I heard about Internship Union and applied via their website. It was really amazing, everything was done for free. They provided me with a good company for my internship. It was indeed a great experience.

I would strongly recommend this program for any one looking to do an internship program in China. Additionally, I think China is one of the best place to get good companies for internship. I really learnt a lot and never felt like going back to my country afterwards.

Many thanks to Internship Union! 

Sara Maria Settembre , 2017 Alumni From Italy

Aujourd’hui, J’aimerai remercier InternshipUnion co.,Ltd  de m’avoir trouver deux stages pour mes deux années de BTS Commerce International. Ce fût une expérience extraordinaire pour moi. J’ai été nourris et loger dans une famille d’accueil chinoise. J’ai eu l’occasion de mettre en pratique mes compétences linguistiques aux enfants des familles d’accueils . De plus, je tenais à les remercier de m’avoir fait confiance et d’avoir cru en moi. J’ai par la suite travailler avec une entreprise d’e-commerce coté en bourse à Hong Kong et une entreprise de négoce. Pendant ces 2 stages, j’ai appris beaucoup sur le monde du travail et surtout dans le secteur du Commerce International. Je recommande vivement aux étudiants qui cherche un stage en Chine de contacter InternshipUnion co.,Ltd .

“ A friend actually told me about Internship Union, I was really skeptical at first instance to believe. that everything could be done for free apart from preparing my visa and air fare. I’ve always loved to visit any Asian country and China particularly, so when it was time to go for internship I decided to give Internship union a try following what my friend told me.

Internship union did an awesome job, got me a good company for my Internship. It was indeed a nice experience in China. However, I was a bit affected base on their culture though its normal I tried my best to adapt. Overall the program is excellent. Many thanks to Internship Union!

Can I have salary during the internship?2018-04-25T21:58:13+00:00

NO! In China, a paid salary without a working visa is illegal. 500CNY is only allowance for food. We suggest participants don’t do anything illegal in China. It will be very seriously.

Should I contact the host company before to singe the contract?2018-04-25T21:58:14+00:00

No, you should not. Because that will bother a lot the company. We will make a WECHAT group after the visa step starts.

Why would I choose your program or find a company by myself ?2018-04-25T21:58:14+00:00

Firstly, it’s very hard to find a company willing to accept a foreign intern. Secondly, even if you find a company willing to do that, it will be very difficult in every process. If the company did not have the experience before, please don’t do it.  One of this program’s main advantage is the participants have access to the best advice there which is made by hundreds of alumnus on a yearly basis! Practice the program is better than search a position by yourself.

Can the program provide internship convention?2018-04-25T21:58:15+00:00


What is the mission for the internship?2018-04-25T21:58:16+00:00

This is a stander program, we only cooperate with international trade company in China. The mission details are to be found on: http://www.internshipunion.com/china-internship-offers/

For a student with a marketing, economic or international trade major, this program is a very good choice.

If I don’t pay your additional services, should I have some problems?2018-04-25T21:58:16+00:00

No, 80% of our alumnus don’t choose any additional service.

Why the China internship program is free?2018-04-25T21:58:17+00:00

The internship placement is free of charge for students, because the fee is paid by local companies. However, other additional services are not free. The price is marked in our homepage.

How many hours per week for the internship in China?2018-04-25T21:58:18+00:00

It depends on the company. Generally, 35-40/week. Companies in Shenzhen are following their own schedule.

May I chose the location of internships?2018-04-25T21:58:18+00:00

Officially no, but we can commend CVs to our partners. The decision is made by our partners, not us.

How can I apply for internship program?2018-04-25T21:58:19+00:00

Generally, there are three standard steps for the applicants.

Step 1: Fill an online application. Send us your CV (photo included).

Step 2: Interview with us with an online schedule appointment system after the application is accepted by our partner companies. The first two steps take 2-3 days.

Step 3: Sign the program contract with us. The final decision will be made by the company when they read our interview report. We will send the company’s information to candidates, if the answer is positive.

How does the China internship program works?2018-04-25T21:58:19+00:00

Generally, we are helping local Chinese companies to recruit international interns. We collect CVs, interview the candidates, provide different sort of services to the participants. We have some standard processes, and the candidates just need follow the given instructions, as we will give all the information during the process.

Is the homestay family near to the office?2018-04-25T22:10:37+00:00

It is very hard to say; Internship Union will try it’s best to help the participants to match the nearest location as possible. According to the Chinese city’s size, one hour from where are you living to the office is very normal.

What chances do I have for a homestay family?What is going happen if finally, I don’t have a homestay family? Internship Union will help me? The company will help me?2018-04-25T22:10:00+00:00

There is a 80% chance for every participant to have a homestay family. If we can’t help you find a homestay family, you should find an apartment by yourself, and pay the rent by yourself. Internship Union provide a service for finding an apartment in the city. We will charge the service fee. But Internship Union can provide some information for free.  The company will not get involved to your personal life, nor help you to pay the rent.

What are my duties in the homestay family?2018-04-25T22:09:09+00:00

One hour per workday plus three hours per weekend culture courses to the family; Keep the room clean please, and the public areas too.

Are there meals in the homestay family?2018-04-25T22:06:55+00:00

Officially no, sorry. Being invited by the family is not included.

How does the homestay program works?2018-04-25T22:05:24+00:00

Internship Union built a list of family who are interested to accept a young foreigner. Participants should give one hour per workday plus three hours per weekend culture courses to the family as the exchange condition for a room in their apartment. Internship Union will make a Group in WeChat to allow you to know each other after  start your visa process. In this program, Internship Union will not charge agency fee in the students’ side.

Should I pay the rent in the home-stay family?2018-04-25T22:02:52+00:00

No, no rent to pay. Not even electricity, nor hot water.

How much is the chance to get the VISA if I follow Internship Union’s advice?2018-04-25T22:15:02+00:00

More than 90%.

Can I apply the visa by myself?2018-04-25T22:14:19+00:00

Yes, you can. But up until now no participant got the right VISA for the right time.

Would Internship Union send me some documents for the Internship VISA application?2018-04-25T22:13:34+00:00

According to our experience, we will NOT give you any document for your VISA application.

Will Internship Union help me in the visa process?2018-04-25T22:12:46+00:00

Yes, we will. But only advise, we don’t charge the fee and we don’t earn the money from your visa application.

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