Japanese speaker wanted in Hangzhou

//Japanese speaker wanted in Hangzhou
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Sales (Native Japanese speaker) wanted in Hangzhou

Location: Hangzhou, CHINA

About the company

Luc Tack, founder of the GTA companies, decided in 1990 to uplift the home textiles industry by putting a new spin on the textiles market together with our teams worldwide. After more than 26 years in the textiles industry, we had together with our team a broader, more inclusive perspective. in order to keep moving forward, we seize every opportunity to improve the technology and to offer the best service. Within GTA we decided to steer the group in a new direction and created a new model to serve our customers. We made advances in the globalization of the company and created a worldwide supply chain to provide service all over the world.

All the efforts to put the GTA on the global map, has brought new opportunities to a well-established industry. Already being a key player in the textile industry in Europe, the GTA group has started expanding into Asia and the USA. With establishments in India, USA, China and Europe, the Global Textile Alliance is today a major player in the textile industry worldwide.


1.Responsible for algorithm development of sale prediction of supply chain, dynamic pricing, inventory optimization strategy etc.

2.Responsible for in-site data mining and competitors’ data mining, and giving advice for sellers’ business operation.

3.Working with data engineering team, and responsible for marketing automation of operation platform and net-flow reach-out system optimization such as APP PUSH.

4.Responsible for UGC text mining such as buyers’ comments and share.


1.. Work hard and no limit to travel.

2. Excellent English/Chinese skills.

3. Native Japanese speaker.

4.Male, could fit business travel all over the world taking heavy sample boxes.

5.would like to communicate with clients and develop potential customers.

6.have Bachelor’s degree.


The salary is about 10-25k monthly, the exact will be confirmed after interview.

Insurance and working visa supplied. Lifetime contract could supply after one year working.

What Does The Recruitment Process Look Like?

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