Q&A for internship program to China

//Q&A for internship program to China
Q&A for internship program to China2018-05-03T15:18:30+00:00

Internship Program In China

Free internship abroad program provided by Internship union. Come to do your internship in Import and export company in China, to learn how to do business with the world. To earn some experience in China specially in international trade.  Same mission for all offers.

Internship Union

We offer a paid marketing internship in the in/export business company in China

We offer you the chance to intern in the fast-growing economy. We offer the internship opportunity in the different city such as Shanghai, Beijing, and others. The entire internship is with the firm seeking foreign students to worship the international team. Depends on the performance of the candidates, there is the opportunity for the post-internship recruitment.  We offer the internship in china for free!  


There are  some answers for the questions asked mostly by our participants for the free internship program in China:

Requirement :2020-02-12T16:55:10+00:00
  • The skills and experience in conducting high-quality research on international
    relations/economy/ trade/strategic/policy analysis/communicating,etc.
  • Experience working in research development projects and project management
  • Collaborative and influential relationship manager
  •  Experience mentoring and providing feedback
  •  Demonstrated ability conducting systematic reviews, meta-analysis, and
    presenting brief reports
  • A long term of cooperation will be made for years, a Face to face Interview in
    China may be required in the future. (We will pay the travel fee including air tickets, hotel,
    meals and other related)We will cooperate with you on the Internet at the beginning. When
    everything goes well we will invite you spend 3-4 days to come to China to meet for our
    long-term cooperation preparation.
Your Capabilities And Attributes Will Demonstrate:2020-02-12T16:55:58+00:00
  •  Demonstrated skill in conducting high-quality research
  • The ability to review and apply research to a relevant framework
  • Communication skills necessary to engage with key stakeholders
  • Knowledge of public sector systems and processes
  • Strategic and/or operational policy exposure
  • Proven documentation and reporting skills
  • Project management skills
What is going on after the validity of the working contract (one year)?2018-05-03T14:13:27+00:00

Employee can choose renew the contract or end freely.

What is the cost for Candidates?2018-05-03T14:14:51+00:00

Plane ticket, Embassy certification fee, visa application fee, Express fee and others.

How long is the whole process?2018-05-03T14:14:53+00:00

About 1 month and half from interview until getting visa.

Which documents I have to prepare for Z visa?2018-05-03T14:14:54+00:00

1).Diploma (Certified by the Chinese Embassy)

2). Non-criminal record proof (Certified by the Chinese Embassy)

3). Work experience proof (2 months at least after graduation)

4).Physical examination report(can be completed in China)

What type of visa should I apply for?2018-05-03T14:14:54+00:00

Z visa. We will guild employee for every step

What is the working time each week?2018-05-03T14:14:55+00:00

40 hours/week. Ensure two days off per week, but not on Saturday and Sunday in common

Is the salary after tax or before tax?2018-05-03T14:14:55+00:00

After tax

Can I choose placement?2018-05-03T14:14:56+00:00

No, Applicant will be chosen by our cooperative education institutions. Applicant could propose special requirement before application , such as location city and others.

What is the application requirement for this Job?2018-05-03T14:14:56+00:00

1). Graduate with a bachelor’s degree or higher educated.

2). Have working experience at least 2 months after graduation.

3). Unlimited for major. TESOL ,TEFL , ESL are not required.

Is the accommodation free? What is the condition?2018-05-03T14:14:57+00:00

Yes, Usually we will help employees rent an independent apartment which have washing-room and Kitchen. If there is no apartment near the working place, we may choose high-grade residence for foreigners together but guarantee each employee has an individual room.

Should i pay for the job position ?2018-05-03T14:14:58+00:00

No, because the fee is paid by local companies.

How much is the chance to get the VISA if I follow Internship Union’s advice?2018-04-25T22:15:02+00:00

More than 90%.

Can I apply the visa by myself?2018-04-25T22:14:19+00:00

Yes, you can. But up until now no participant got the right VISA for the right time.

Would Internship Union send me some documents for the Internship VISA application?2018-04-25T22:13:34+00:00

According to our experience, we will NOT give you any document for your VISA application.

Will Internship Union help me in the visa process?2018-04-25T22:12:46+00:00

Yes, we will. But only advise, we don’t charge the fee and we don’t earn the money from your visa application.

Is the homestay family near to the office?2018-04-25T22:10:37+00:00

It is very hard to say; Internship Union will try it’s best to help the participants to match the nearest location as possible. According to the Chinese city’s size, one hour from where are you living to the office is very normal.

What chances do I have for a homestay family?What is going happen if finally, I don’t have a homestay family? Internship Union will help me? The company will help me?2018-04-25T22:10:00+00:00

There is a 80% chance for every participant to have a homestay family. If we can’t help you find a homestay family, you should find an apartment by yourself, and pay the rent by yourself. Internship Union provide a service for finding an apartment in the city. We will charge the service fee. But Internship Union can provide some information for free.  The company will not get involved to your personal life, nor help you to pay the rent.

What are my duties in the homestay family?2018-04-25T22:09:09+00:00

One hour per workday plus three hours per weekend culture courses to the family; Keep the room clean please, and the public areas too.

Are there meals in the homestay family?2018-04-25T22:06:55+00:00

Officially no, sorry. Being invited by the family is not included.

How does the homestay program works?2018-04-25T22:05:24+00:00

Internship Union built a list of family who are interested to accept a young foreigner. Participants should give one hour per workday plus three hours per weekend culture courses to the family as the exchange condition for a room in their apartment. Internship Union will make a Group in WeChat to allow you to know each other after  start your visa process. In this program, Internship Union will not charge agency fee in the students’ side.

Should I pay the rent in the home-stay family?2018-04-25T22:02:52+00:00

No, no rent to pay. Not even electricity, nor hot water.

Can I have salary during the internship?2018-04-25T21:58:13+00:00

NO! In China, a paid salary without a working visa is illegal. 500CNY is only allowance for food. We suggest participants don’t do anything illegal in China. It will be very seriously.

Should I contact the host company before to singe the contract?2018-04-25T21:58:14+00:00

No, you should not. Because that will bother a lot the company. We will make a WECHAT group after the visa step starts.

Why would I choose your program or find a company by myself ?2018-04-25T21:58:14+00:00

Firstly, it’s very hard to find a company willing to accept a foreign intern. Secondly, even if you find a company willing to do that, it will be very difficult in every process. If the company did not have the experience before, please don’t do it.  One of this program’s main advantage is the participants have access to the best advice there which is made by hundreds of alumnus on a yearly basis! Practice the program is better than search a position by yourself.

Can the program provide internship convention?2018-04-25T21:58:15+00:00


What is the mission for the internship?2018-04-25T21:58:16+00:00

This is a stander program, we only cooperate with international trade company in China. The mission details are to be found on: http://www.internshipunion.com/china-internship-offers/

For a student with a marketing, economic or international trade major, this program is a very good choice.

If I don’t pay your additional services, should I have some problems?2018-04-25T21:58:16+00:00

No, 80% of our alumnus don’t choose any additional service.

Why the China internship program is free?2018-04-25T21:58:17+00:00

The internship placement is free of charge for students, because the fee is paid by local companies. However, other additional services are not free. The price is marked in our homepage.

How many hours per week for the internship in China?2018-04-25T21:58:18+00:00

It depends on the company. Generally, 35-40/week. Companies in Shenzhen are following their own schedule.

May I chose the location of internships?2018-04-25T21:58:18+00:00

Officially no, but we can commend CVs to our partners. The decision is made by our partners, not us.

How can I apply for internship program?2018-04-25T21:58:19+00:00

Generally, there are three standard steps for the applicants.

Step 1: Fill an online application. Send us your CV (photo included).

Step 2: Interview with us with an online schedule appointment system after the application is accepted by our partner companies. The first two steps take 2-3 days.

Step 3: Sign the program contract with us. The final decision will be made by the company when they read our interview report. We will send the company’s information to candidates, if the answer is positive.

How does the China internship program works?2018-04-25T21:58:19+00:00

Generally, we are helping local Chinese companies to recruit international interns. We collect CVs, interview the candidates, provide different sort of services to the participants. We have some standard processes, and the candidates just need follow the given instructions, as we will give all the information during the process.

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