Advantages of Intern in China

//Advantages of Intern in China

Advantages of Intern in China

China is now the world’s number one economy in terms of size. Its remarkable development has an impact on people all over the globe. In today’s globalized economy, familiarity with Chinese culture and language has become more important than ever. Constructive work experience in China is likely to be an invaluable asset to your future career, and there is no better way to get a glimpse inside the real China than to work in a company or organization located there.

China has become a land of opportunity attracting talents from all over the globe! If you are a progressive minded person seeking career growth and a broader cultural understanding, China is the place for you.

Advantages of Intern in China
· Acquiring knowledge about Chinese business strategies and practices
· Being prepared for future employment internationally & increasing the chances of employment
· Distinguish yourself from other graduates
· Improving your CV and related experiences, making it more marketable
· An opportunity to learn Chinese language and culture
· Adapt to a variety of situations and get to work0 with an array of people
· Developing new relationships both in personal and professional spheres of life by participating in numerous networking events in China

Additional advantage: Chinese language studies and fun activities

By integrating Chinese language studies with work experience, students will not only learn Mandarin Chinese through class instruction, after-class tutorials, elective workshops, language exchange, but they will also have the chance to participate in social activities, guided tours, dinnerparties, unique field trips, volunteer experiences, cultural excursions, etc.