This work can survive, difficult not to fall.

//This work can survive, difficult not to fall.

This work can survive, difficult not to fall.

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In the assembly line, the aircraft mission concentration, delivery time Jincu is frequently encountered phenomenon. Once, the number of planes that Li Chunxue had in hand reached six frames a day. At this point, there is a certain aircraft in the workshop.

Because the aircraft parts are replaced parts, the lack of the corresponding drawings and processes, which is a difficult problem in the external ad hoc, and the aircraft construction period is extremely urgent. We should solve the problem of the aircraft in time, and take good care of all the other external work of the other six aircrafts.

Not only did Li Chunxue prolong his working time by more than six hours, but his time was calculated in seconds. Manage a person to finish the whole aircraft ad hoc in the shortest time. In fact, the heavy workload of the six planes at hand could completely push him to take off the formidable task, but he did not. He said: “the family leadership we trust, we believe that as long as the extra force can do, will do more tired, not bad.” He said it was easy, it was real.

This work can survive, difficult not to fall man also have worry about time. She was admitted to hospital with her husband in bed, and her son was only eight years old. In the decisive battle of overtime, patient care, home laundry, cooking, Li Chunxue heart haggard.

Other children injection, parents are coaxing, accompanied, but his son fever up to 39 degrees, he did not accompany the day. Every day before he went to work, he sent his son to the hospital and told the doctor on duty to do everything well.

He left his son in the hospital and went to work in the workshop. Throughout the week, the high fever son himself injections in the hospital, “calm” he continued to work overtime, the assembly line work, he did not delay a moment.

The parents don’t love their children, but he thinks he has to do it. In his words, he thinks these difficulties can be overcome for him and his son, and he doesn’t want to give.

Strong technical skills, tough and persistent heart, build the assembly line hundred-percent “King Kong” tough guy, I believe in the future of the journey, more heavy burden, his shoulders are not weak, more arduous struggle, he will stride forward.


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