Two Learning Methods for Beginner and Advanced Chinese Learner

You may be wondering, as someone studying Mandarin, if there is any difference in the learning methods of beginners and advanced students? If we use the same methods from the beginning level and up, does it work? As a Chinese teacher, I can give you a clear answer: NO! Each level has its own content and targets, and its own methods. A smart student is someone who can apply the most suitable learning method to his level.

Chinese vs American Schools: Which Are Better?

Most American families in China send their children to international schools. Not Lenora Chu’s family. The Texas native and her husband moved to China the same year that international standardized testing ranked 15-year-olds in Shanghai the best at math in the world. Shortly after, Chu enrolled her son Rainey in one of the city’s most prestigious Chinese kindergartens, Soong Qing Ling. And it was… a shock, as Chu writes in the introduction to her book on the subject, Little Soldiers: An American Boy, a Chinese School and the Global Race to Achieve.

Chinese Airlines to Allow Smartphones During Flights

A number of Chinese airlines have begun to allow passengers to use smartphones during flights, following a loosening of the Civil Administration of China’s (CAAC) restrictions on in-flight mobile device usage.
Both Hainan Airlines and China Eastern Airlines are now permitting passengers to switch on their mobile devices, with Hainan Airlines’ flight HU7781 on January 17 from Haikou to Beijing being the country’s first flight to officially allow it.

Google Invests in Chinese Live Streaming Site

Chushou, a popular gaming livestream site in China with over 8 million users just got a huge investment from a group led by Google parent company Alphabet Inc. Chushou specializes in e-sports livestreams of mobile games, and Google is interested in taking the site international, even competing with the likes of Twitch. Several companies are behind the massive $120 million investment, and while it’s not known how much Google contributed, it’s believed they ponied up the bulk of it.

Evaluation Criteria for Foreigners Employed in China

To set up a reasonable and practical foreign talents assessment system which focuses on ability, achievements and contribution and highlights market demand and value reflected in market evaluation and international peer evaluation  (see the Classification Criteria for Recognition of Professional Achievement of High-end Foreign Talents, hereinafter referred to as the Achievement Criteria), by the combined application of the points system (see the Integral Points Score Table), the Work Guide Directory for Foreigners, the labor market test and quota management, foreign workers will be divided into three categories A, B and C for corresponding classified management.