Female Gamers Team Up to Knock Out the Competition

More than a decade later, the Shanghai native has become an industry veteran in her own right. The 27-year-old former professional esports player — known as “Nini” in the gaming world — manages the Killer Angels (KA) gaming club, which comprises over 30 professional female players and more than 60 others in entertainment-related roles.

Idols Amid High-Rises: The Changing Face of Chinese Folk Beliefs

Historically, religion was an integral part of Chinese life. Across the nation’s cities and countryside spread an archipelago of temples large and small. On temple holidays, some organized processions, parading idols of local deities through the streets. These processions were accompanied by music, stilt walkers, and dances honoring dragons or lions.

Bleeding Us Dry: Parenting China’s Adult Children

It’s time someone came out and said it: Too many of China’s adult children are freeloading off their parents. Even after helping them find jobs and planning their whole lives out for them, a generation of so-called helicopter parents still feels compelled to help their kids buy a house. Lucky are those whose kids only ask for help with the deposit and don’t expect their parents to help them make their monthly mortgage payments, too.

How to Create a Brand Name in Chinese

For a foreign company entering the Chinese market, there will be a number of tasks on its priority list, such as product registration and certification, a good business model, qualified logistics or distribution partners, company location assessment, and so on – but is there anything else that is important but easily overlooked? The answer is yes: find a good brand name in Chinese.

Shanghai ‘Nail House’ Family Vacates Road-Blocking Home

SHANGHAI — Before Zhuang moved into his new apartment just south of Hongqiao Airport aboutfour years ago, his real estate agent warned him to be careful driving in the area: There was a house blocking half of North Huting Road, bringing an abrupt end to two of its four lanes.