News: China Now Is the Biggest Asia Country of Destination

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News: China Now Is the Biggest Asia Country of Destination

Hello guys, I’m Sabrina.

Recently, Donald Trump, the president of USA started a trade war with China, and some media said, it is not wise at all, this will cause a huge loss for both sides. For America, the most foreign students in the United States are Chinese.

Well, while Chinese students are vying to go overseas for studying, more and more foreigners are coming to China for studying.

In 2017, we had 489,200 foreign students came to China for studying in the different universities.

This is a huge number.

Why can we attract a lot of students to come?

We have various of policies that attract those large number of students to come.

Till the end of 2016, China has made an education cooperation and communication relationship with 188 countries, people from all over the world came to China and studied here.

Most universities will provide the scholarship and lower schooling fee to help the students who want to come to China for studies but can’t afford tuition. 61% foreign students who come from the countries alongside the Belt and Road can get the scholarship.

And one of my best friends, J, she told me, in her country, which is Lesotho, if you can speak Chinese well, then you can get a well-paid job there.

We have a lot of Confucius Institutes in all over the world, they are aiming to teach foreigners Chinese and Chinese culture, another cute friend of mine, she is from Morocco, she has been studying there for a while, her Chinese is getting better and probably will come to China this summer for studying and traveling, which is really cool.

More and more foreigners choose to come to China for studying, I know a guy, basically, all his brothers and his cousins came to China for studying, and all of them chose Wuhan.

However, nowadays, it is not that easy to apply for exchange program in China, there is a new policy: If you want to apply for scholarship of some exchage programs, you need to pass HSK 3 first, some universities even ask for HSK4.

It’s like if we want to go to America, we need to get a certain score of  TOEFL, or for some European countries, such as England, we need to get a high score of IELTS.

I saw a picture long time ago, and it’s kind of fun:

Anyway, it’s really cool to study abroad, to meet different people, to make more friends, to learn a new language and experience a different culture, to have a different life. Amazing, isn’t it?

Well, that’s all for today, hope you guys are enjoying studying or working in China, and maybe in the future, bring more of your siblings and cousins to come 😉