Xilian internship

Founded in 2009, Xilian Group is a local giant in the city of Hangzhou in China possessing eight subsidiaries. It has set foot in business domains including business centers, real estates, Zhejiang industrial goods market, Jinyi cinema, health and care center, and Internet valley. Xilian group occupies a total area of 12,000 km2, locating in the city’s accented developing area.

Aladdin internship

Aladdin digital group focus on the 3D map data production, three-dimensional urban development and operation, spatial information technology past.
Now The company’s business involves cloud computing, three-dimensional map, real estate tourism, smart campus, cross-border electricity suppliers, Internet banking, social networking, etc.. Allah technology has been listed on the new board.

internship suzhou

Graphisme Internship in suzhou China

Créé en 2015, Olala est un prestataire de services, dédié aux sociétés qui souhaitent se développer en Chine. Avec plus de 50 partenaires et une équipe sino-française, Olala vous accompagne dans vos démarches, en facilitant l’introduction et le développement de votre entreprise sur le territoire chinois. elle cherche des stagairs.

internship in shenzhen

Marketing Internship in shenzhen China with Bird International

This company specializes in providing logistics or related services for cross-border electricity supplier export enterprises. We also provide one-stop services such as warehousing and distribution in foreign countries. Now there are more than 50 staff working in company.

Marketing Internship for China Hangzhou JIcool

Marketing Internship for China Hangzhou JIcool information technology Co., Ltd.    This position is provided by internshipunion which is a free service agency for foreign students who want come to China for internship, and provide free accommodation (homestay)service.   Hangzhou JIcool information technology Co., Ltd is a company engaged bags, Watch products. Also a cross-border Read more about Marketing Internship for China Hangzhou JIcool[…]