The charm of Hangzhou

//The charm of Hangzhou

The charm of Hangzhou

As I was born and grew in the Northeastern part of China, the South has always been charming to me. Therefore, I spent a lot of my holidays traveling. The city I visit the most is Hangzhou.

I still remember the time when I first went to Hangzhou. I was only 8. It was the first time that I had traveled to another city. This trip covers a crucial part of my memory, but now, I can barely recall its beauty. But, the taste, the sweetness, and the softness of Hangzhou cookies that melted in my mouth I still hunger for. Morning was the most joyful moment of each day. The smells of wontons emanated from narrow lanes; oil; fried buns sizzle in the pan, cloudy vapor pours from steamers. As morning awoke, Hangzhou was a city full of aromas.

Five years later, when I returned to Hangzhou, the first image that scorched in my vision was a forest of cement. An incessant stream of vehicles and colorful neon lights were the symbols of a developing city. Hangzhou was a city in which time bled, there was no clear differentiation between night and day. It was midnight, cars glared and street lights stared, they lit the sky with bright flashes reflecting on the glass walls of skyscrapers. The Bund was crowded, young couples, business men, and travelers walking hand in hand, rushing by, and clicking cameras. Tall buildings shimmered, the iridescent lights on the other side of the Qiangtang River casting shadowy figures upon the water. Hangzhou was light and noise.

The most recent time that I have been to Hangzhou was in the March of this year. This was also a memorable experience, as this was the first time that I travel by myself. For the first few days I stayed in a hotel. I didn’t breathe any fresh air and I didn’t see any sunlight. On the third day, it rained. In the morning, I grabbed an umbrella and set out to revisit the past. It was a early spring, the whole city was wet and damp. Shanghai is located in the Jiang Nan region and it is intelligent. A modern city, a hub of commerce, culture, and history. Moist air clings to the sunshine and peers through cloud and mist. Deep black angles and old-fashioned roofs. Damp white plaster walls and slate-grey stone arch bridges are essence and charm. Shanghai is a Jiang Nan city which defies all description. Reaching the center of the city, life crushed in on me from every side. The heavy mist cloaking traffic and vehicles congested in the heavy morning air. Rain trampled pedestrians and cloud hid. Skyscrapers stretched upwards and hid their faces in the clouds. I could have been almost anywhere except for the heat.

It has been said that Hangzhou is heaven for the rich, but hell for the poor. Many people from many different regions of China come to Hangzhou to find work. Hangzhou is a place of dreams. Men and women strive, live, and dream in Hangzhou. This is a city that can make the impossible possible. It is a city that lives and breathes warmth and light.

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