RMB 100,000,000 To Attract Foreign Talents To Hangzhou (2)

//RMB 100,000,000 To Attract Foreign Talents To Hangzhou (2)

RMB 100,000,000 To Attract Foreign Talents To Hangzhou (2)

Six Clauses of Comprehensive Talent Development

”Implement “Hangzhou International-level 

Talent Development Project”

Develop international-level skills for entrepreneurs, special technicians, high-skill talents, teachers and medical care personnel.

For example, start a course of international skill development for entrepreneurs in “Hangzhou Business School”, support Hangzhou “131” Middle and Young Aged Talent Development Plan, “Hangzhou Artisan” Nurturing Plan, “1+6” Key Industrial Clusters, and Overseas Training for Excellent Talents Needed for Future Top Seven Sectors and Social and Economic Development, to further enhance global competitive edge.

Aid to Winners of Global Skill Competition

Encourage talents to participate in various global skill competitions, and provide financial aid of RMB 500,000, 350,000 and 150,000 respectively to players representing Hangzhou who win gold, silver, bronze and excellent prize in global skill competition, and the same level of financial aid will be granted to technical guidance expert teams.

Announce a group of guidance catalogue of universal industrial qualification certificates covering finance, taxation, law, equipment manufacturing, etc. on a regular basis, and provide financial aid of RMB 20,000 to each person receiving such certificate for the first time.

Build a classified management system for R&D personnel to go abroad for business or academic purpose, and make rational arrangement based on specific assignment for R&D personnel of colleges, R&D institutes, state-owned enterprises, education and medical care organizations to go abroad to perform academic communication and collaboration.

Set up a pilot talent selection mechanism in which talent regulatory authorities define talent identification criteria, professional market organizations conduct evaluation, and third-party institutions carry out supervision, for the purpose of more comprehensive talent evaluation.

Cross-border Communication & Training for 

Innovative Science and Technology Talents 

Encourage colleges in Hangzhou to dispatch middle and young aged scholars to visit overseas colleges, and support faculty and student communication and exchange with world first-rate universities.

For talents engaged in state or provincial major science and technology projects, especially those middle and young aged talents, make rational plans to send them overseas for further study and communication with overseas counterparts. Encourage enterprises to build practice base in colleges and research academies, and start international-level skill development courses for corporate R&D personnel.

Build A Group of “Renowned 

Universities, Colleges and Institutes” in Ten Years

Hangzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and People’s Government of Hangzhou Municipality have released Several Suggestions on Construction of Renowned Universities, Colleges and Institutes, setting forth specific measures for introducing premium higher education and research resources to build renowned universities, colleges and institutes (“Three Renowned Project”).

Blueprint for Next-decade Plan

Introduce and build a group of high-level universities and research institutes with significant influence at home and abroad. Specifically, introduce world first-rate university to build one sino-foreign collaborated university with independent legal person, and introduce more than 5 domestic first-rate universities to set up branches, campuses or post-graduate colleges in Hangzhou, introduce and build 20 sino-foreign collaborated higher education organizations with non-independent legal person or such projects, introduce domestic and overseas premium higher education and research resources or world top 500 enterprises to build 30 high-level research institutes.

Focus on introducing state “Double First-rate” universities, world top 100 first-rate universities, and domestic top 5 disciplines or global top 20 disciplines.

Introduction Policy

For different types of introduced projects, the Hangzhou government and district/county (county-level city) government will provide fiscal support for early (first 5 year) operation.

For introduced branches, campuses and post-graduate institutes of domestic universities, provide fiscal aid of maximum RMB 20,000,000.

For introduced sino-foreign collaborated education organizations with non-independent legal person, provide fiscal aid of maximum RMB 20,000,000.

For introduced research institutes, fiscal aid of maximum RMB 30,000,000. For specially significant projects introduced, the case may be negotiated on individual basis to determine the fiscal support policy.

Guarantee land-use demands of “Three Renowned Project” by multiple means, such as utilizing stock land, re-developing low-efficiency land, and making appropriate development of additional construction land, etc.

Construction of Campus Infrastructure

For the introduction projects supposed to be guaranteed by local government, by principle the local district, county (county-level) government will take charge of construction or transform existing buildings to deliver “turn-key project”; project buildings will be, by principle, provided with low-rent, and project parties may repurchase at agreed time and terms.

Provide multiple channels of housing support in addition to Hangzhou talent policies. In terms of organization registration and personnel management, if applicable, registration may be made in the name of legal person for institutions to in the legal person governance structure.

Meanwhile, continue support for Hangzhou universities and research institutes to build “renowned universities, colleges and institutes”.

Rational layout and flexible mechanism

According to general civic plan, in connection with downtown upgrade and construction of major industrial platforms, Hangzhou will introduce projects in rational layout in the Big Corridor of Science Innovation in West Hangzhou and both banks of Qianjiang River. Build a clustering area for “renowned universities, colleges and institutes” to utilize the amplifying and radiating effect of concentrated resources.

By researching new mode and new path for higher education and science research development, Hangzhou will give into full play the market mechanism, explore multiple systems of education, such as public school, private school, and mixture of public and private, and develop innovative systems and management modes, encouraging all social resources to participate in construction of “renowned universities, colleges and institutes”.

Seven Policies of Entry and Exit 

Convenience for Foreign Talents

In recent years, the number of foreigners visiting Hangzhou on temporary basis has maintained between 550,000 and 1,000,000, ranking No. 1 in Zhejiang Province; and the number of foreigners staying in Hangzhou on longer term basis has increased from more than 4900 in 2006 to current around 15,000; in 2017, the cases of foreigner visa applications reached 20530, increasing by 11% than 2016.

Hangzhou City has successfully applied for seven policies of entry and exit convenience from the Ministry of Public Security, including application for permanent stay in China, entry and exit visa, residence permit, port visa, etc. Hangzhou has become the first city in China implementing seven policies of entry and exit convenience of the Ministry of Public Security outside free trade area.

Details of Seven Policies of Entry and Exit Convenience

For the recognized foreign high-level talents and their spouses, under-age kids, upon recommendation by the management committee and related authorities of the exemplary zone, they may apply for permanent residence in China directly.

For foreigners who have worked for 4 years on end in Hangzhou, and stayed in China for no less than 6 months each year, with stable living support, residency and agreed rate of annual salary and annul income tax, upon recommendation of their employer, they and their spouses and kids may apply for permanent residence in China.

For Chinese of foreign nationality with doctorate degree or higher working in Hangzhou, or Chinese of foreign nationality working on end for 4 years in Hangzhou, who stay in China for no less than 6 months each year, they may apply for permanent residence in China directly.

For Chinese of foreign nationality who visit Hangzhou to see relatives, do business, conduct cultural, science, medical or education activities or handle personal affairs, up to 5-year multi-entry visa may be issued.

For those who need to stay for long term to work, study, see relatives, and handle personal affairs, up to 5-year residence permit may be issued.

For foreign students who study in China with innovation and business startup intentions, they may apply for 2 to 5 year residence permit of personal affairs type with their graduation certificate of Chinese colleges, to conduct graduation internship, innovation and business startup activities. If they are employed during such period, they may apply for residence permit of work type as provided.

For foreign students from overseas colleges coming for internship in China as invited by enterprises that have been filed with entry and exit regulatory organs of provincial-level public security authorities, they may apply for short-term personal affair visa at the entry port to perform their internship;

Those entering China with other types of visa may apply for altering their visa within China to short-term personal affair visa to perform their internship.

For foreigners working in Hangzhou, if they have applied for residence permit of work for twice on end without any illegal or regulation-breaching issues, up to 5 year residence permit of work may be issued when the apply for it for the third time.

For foreign technical and senior management talents recruited by enterprises in exemplary zone, when the work permit is completed, they may apply for work visa at the entry port to enter China;

For those who have not obtained work permit yet, they may apply for talent visa with the invitation letter issued by the enterprise to enter China.

For Foreigners Working in Hangzhou

The “115” Program of introducing overseas intelligence targeting foreign talents implemented since 2012 has selected 1145 projects, introducing more than 60,000 person-times of foreign talents.

Since April of 2017, Hangzhou has been promoting “Two Certificate in One” Policy for foreign talents as the pilot city. There are more than 1800 employers in Hangzhou employing foreign talents, issuing nearly 3800 “Work Permit for Foreigners in China” and more than 5914 work certificates for foreigners, representing more than one third of provincial total. Three new policies will be releases:

Talent Visa Policy 

High-level foreign talents and urgently needed talents, such as scientists, leading science and technology talents, international entrepreneurs, specialty talents and high-skill talents, who meet the high-end foreign talent criteria in Work Classification Criteria for Foreigners Working in China (Trial), in line with “High-end, Top-notch and Desired”standards and market demands of Hangzhou, may apply for talent visa.

“One Card Pass” for Foreign high-end Talents

As one of the eight regions in the first batch in China, Hangzhou will soon start pilot run of “One Card Pass” service for high-end foreign talents, provide sold support for living, kid education and medical care service for high-end foreign talents. Hangzhou will expand the coverage of citizen card to foreign talents and provide them citizen benefits.

The city will also provide premium public service, refining the working and living environment for high-end foreign talents in Hangzhou, and improve the work permit system for foreigners to work in China, promoting innovation-driven development strategy, business startup and innovation among the public.

Work & Residency For Foreign high-end Talents

For the foreign talents who have successfully applied for work documents twice on end without any illegal or breaching issues, 2 to 5 year long-term work documents may be issued.

Foreign students studying in China and graduates from overseas renowned universities are allowed to directly start business or innovation in Hangzhou, and may apply for work permit in China with certification issued by Hangzhou Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, immune to the limits of diploma and work experience required for such students.

Foreign talents needed for internationalization construction for Hangzhou industrial development, if recognized by the Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, will be must be under the age of 60 years old.