Reasons Why You Should Intern in China

//Reasons Why You Should Intern in China

Reasons Why You Should Intern in China

Internships in China are growing in popularity and China is a place that is currently thriving with a host of opportunities in all kinds of industries. Ask yourself these questions. Are you looking for a way to standout during your next job interview? Are you interested in broadening your horizons and learning a new business culture?

Still unsure? Let’s give you the top 8 reasons why you should get an internship in China.

1. Be Part of the Largest Economy in The World

China is currently one of the world’s largest economies. Not only that, but it’s also the fastest growing and that shows no signs of changing anytime soon. The size and speed at which the economy is booming makes it ripe with opportunities. You might start in China with an internship, and soon after, discover something bigger and better. The possibilities are endless and you’ll only discover that if you take the leap.

2. Make Your CV Standout

Lack of experience can be a huge obstacle in landing that first job, an internship in China will help boost your CV. It’ll add invaluable experience. Not only will your CV look good, talking about your experiences from your internship in China will make you look like a superstar during your next interview. You’ll take home many a story to tell and learn some valuable life lessons on your trip.

3. Build your Personal Network

The most rewarding part about traveling is all the interesting people you get to meet. An internship in China gives you unique opportunities to network and meet career changing contacts. The saying “it’s not about what you know, but who you know” is so relevant in this instance. The connections made in China will be among the most useful you make in your career lifetime and could change your life in a way you’d never imagine.

The people you work with during your time in China will come from all over the world, and each will have their own perspective of China and life in general. Working with these kinds of people will expand how you look at the world. The ability to see life from many different perspectives is a desired trait by companies and makes you a more open minded person which will also enhance your people skills.

4. Learn Mandarin Daily

Chinese is one of the top 10 languages in the world to learn and the most spoken in the world. Fluency in multiple languages, especially Chinese, makes you a desirable candidate and puts you ahead of the competition. An internship in China will help you gain the language skills you need to be successful!

5. Delicious Chinese Food

Chinese food is nothing like the Chinese takeaway you know and love at home. It’s so much better than that, take our word for it! Food is also an important aspect of the Chinese culture, and represents a lot more then just stuffing your face with delicious KungPao Chicken . During your internship in China, you will have many opportunities to experience the interesting and sometimes rather crazy food culture of China.

6. Get to grips with Chinese Culture

Chinese culture is unique in so many ways and takes time to understand. It’s difficult to do business if you don’t understand who you are working with. Aside from learning the language, it’s important to get to know the culture in China. Living and interning in China is the best way to pick up important day to day tips when it comes to doing business in China.

Although an internship is about generally work and learning there is much more to it than that. Interning in China gives you the chance to spend some time exploring the many cultural heritage sites. China has them in abundance. Some of the most amazing places in the world are only a quick train ride away and right on your doorstep.

7. Grow Personally

There is no better time for personal growth than when you are traveling the world. Our greatest experiences and friends are met when we are outside our comfort zones. China provides unique challenges and experiences that people relish. If you can take on China, you can take on anywhere.

8. Make Friends with over 1 Billion People

China currently boasts a population size of over 1.3 billion and counting. India comes in second with a population size of 1.236 billion followed by the US at roughly 319 million. China’s population size makes you realize why Mandarin is the world’s most spoken language! Being able to communicate with them just helped you make over 1.3 billion new friends. That’s a lot of friends!