Internship Union Opens up Access to the Most Valuable Chinese Marketing Internships

//Internship Union Opens up Access to the Most Valuable Chinese Marketing Internships

Internship Union Opens up Access to the Most Valuable Chinese Marketing Internships



(Location, August 5, 2017) – Chinese e-commerce and marketing companies have earned global reputation for their competitiveness and new ways of doing business. An internship in China or a paid internship with a Chinese firm is thus highly coveted by students. Marketing professionals can now get easy access to work in China and acquire valuable experience and skills with complete assistance provided by the Internship Union.

The Internship Union has earned popularity in recent times as the place that opens the doors to marketing internship opportunities for prestigious schools across the world, and the stories can be found on social networking sites. An intern from the Internship Union gets to experience one of the most competitive markets in the world with professional quality help delivered at no extra cost and within just two days.

E-commerce internship is the specialty of Internship Union, and students can expect free homestay programs, free rooms during stay as a language exchange, no agency fee to be paid and quick, 2-day placement after the interview. As global corporations find their place in China, they also require resources who possess the right knowledge and culture, and this is precisely what marketing internships by Internship Union offer.

Internship Union did a great job. Checking up on me regularly and ensures everything was going well with me. I must say it was a good experience,” said a recent intern.

Among the free programs offered by Internship Union are internship positions, contracts with schools, visa consultation, homestay, emergency assistance and other professional assistance.

“Through our company you will get access to a paid internship in China in the marketing field. We are Chinese e-commerce store and we work with local and worldwide alumni’s to offer up express opportunities that could catapult your career to new heights. Through these internship programs you will have the chance to live directly with the Chinese family and enjoy a cultural exchange that is completely covered for free,” said a representative from Internship Union.

Internship Union is supported by several employee family homes and volunteers willing to accept marketing interns. Future interns can expect to gain a direct experience of Chinese market, special requirements, language study and direct immersion and hands-on demographics.


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