How to handle homestay during your internship

//How to handle homestay during your internship

How to handle homestay during your internship

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You may not know what to expect for homestay during your marketing internship in China. After your visa is sorted out you can pick from a selection of families that are willing to offer their home up for the duration of your stay. This can help you have a much more authentic experience in China as well as learn more about the thoughts of the people and their culture. There are some basic tips and tricks for making homestay a little more comfortable. Here are some top things to remember during your marketing internship in China for homestay arrangements:

Set your needs early on: try to be communicative on some of the needs that you have for comfort. If you generally have a schedule of coming home from work and speaking to your family or if you need to leave at a certain time in the morning, it can help to work at creating a home schedule.

Join them for meals and be active: A homestay experience is meant to be a very inclusive one so if you have the chance to join in with meals or even celebrations you should definitely do so. Not only can you try some local cuisine but you can enjoy the idea of getting to know some new people.

Ask about household rules: asking about their needs and some of the limits and boundaries that they might set while you are in the home is important. Discover their preference for letting them know if you’re going to be home for dinner and other quick scenarios before they become a problem!

Do some research in the local customs: some quick research in the local customs before you head to your homestay for the Chinese marketing internship is important to making sure you do not offend anyone.

Be sure to bring a gift when you arrive: As part of this marketing internship in China these people have opened their home to you to supplement your learning. Bringing a small gift can be a wonderful way to show your appreciation.

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