All Hangzhou buses to use new energy by 2025

//All Hangzhou buses to use new energy by 2025

All Hangzhou buses to use new energy by 2025

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Hangzhou will replace all the old buses with new energy vehicles, with the latter making up at least 20 percent of the city’s vehicles by 2025, a municipal plan to upgrade air quality revealed.

“I have driven the trolleybus, diesel bus, hybrid bus, CNG bus and now pure-electric bus,” said Shen Weidi. The woman driver joined Hangzhou Bus Company in 1994 and has been a driver of Bus 55 since 2007.

“Diesel buses in the 1990s would leave a trail of black fumes in the street and pollute the air,” Shen recalled. “With the new energy bus, I don’t feel guilty and the vehicle is fuel-efficient and intelligent as well.”

Hangzhou was one of the first few cities in China to introduce hybrid and CNG buses in 2008 and is phasing out old, polluting buses one by one. Bus Line K290 first used electric buses in 2014. Now, all buses on downtown routes are powered by electricity, making Hangzhou the first Chinese city to abandon diesel buses.


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