Chinese wine market weekly news

//Chinese wine market weekly news

Chinese wine market weekly news

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In order to thoroughly implement The Eight Rules of the Central Committee, the Ministry of Transport, in accordance with the regulations and relevant system requirements of the law, recently sent to the subordinate units, ministries and departments the official communication about the alcohol ban.

Beijing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection recently issued a communication about the 2017 National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival regarding the implementation of The Eight Rules of the Central Committee and the spirit of strengthening supervision and inspection, bringing up the “eight prohibited”. It is strictly forbidden to use the public found for purchasing and giving gifts, having banquets or luxurious baijiu consumption; to use e-commerce to accept or provide gifts, WeChat red envelopes, electronic gifts, prepaid cards and so on. During the pre-holiday and holiday season, the city’s discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels will carry out thorough investigation, exposure of the typical case will be notified.

September 28, World Wine Cultural Expo 2017 at Shanxi, Xinghuacun was held in the country´s largest baijiu producer base, Fenyang City. Vice Governor Wang Yixin attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. A total of more than 1 500 people was gathered in Fenyang, from China’s 17 famous wine business executives and more than 500 representatives of the world’s liquor industry enterprises and domestic and foreign experts and scholars and businessmen to talk about the liquor culture and debate about the wine industry development.

September 26 afternoon, The writing of “Wine storage management technical specifications” will be started in Beijing. It will be approved by All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives, the topic is the revision of the 2017 supply and marketing cooperation industry standard system, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade will be leading it.

Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, moon cakes, wine and other traditional food are in their peak. According to the Shenzhen Customs statistics, from January to August, the Shenzhen port imported a total of 8 446 tons of moon cakes, an increase of 5.5% compared to the same last period, worth 650 million RMB, accounting for more than 60 percent of the total imports; also imported 34826.3 tons of wine, an increase of 8.3% compared to the same last period for a value of 820 million RMB, ranked fourth across the country. The rapid growth of imported moon cakes and wines in Shenzhen Customs District is mainly due to the trade agreements between China and other countries and the fast customs clearance services provided.

September 28, Under the supervision of the Shanghai Commercial Association, Shanghai Drinks Association, the associations of wine industry from different districts and professional committees co-sponsored the First Wine Contest Golden Awards held in Shanghai.


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