Visa advice for your Chinese marketing internship

//Visa advice for your Chinese marketing internship

Visa advice for your Chinese marketing internship

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If you are going to be coming to China for a marketing internship one of the main hurdles that you will have to get over is the idea of Visa information. During your internship in China you will need to have a specific visa in order to stay in the country legally. The individuals that organized your marketing internship can help you with some recommendations on the right visa and how to apply. Here are some basic tips on how you can acquire a visa during your marketing internship in China:

Phasing out the visitor visa: the value of internships is now recognized as a huge advantage for receiving skills and a potential job here in China. In the past the visitor F visa would allow up to six months for an internship either paid or non-paid. Today there is strict enforcement in place that the F Visa is no longer utilized for internships. If you are going to apply for an F visa for your internship it will likely be rejected especially if there is any type of compensation. In most cases F visas are reserved for charitable volunteers only.

X visas or student visas are the new choice: X2 X visas have become one of the most popular visas for individuals who are coming for six-month internships. Most organizations can help to grant these visas and they are the visa of choice for a Chinese marketing internship. In some cases employers may use other types of visas depending on the industry.

S visas for high tech: in the tech industry as visas are sometimes used depending on the area a person is located. This private affairs visa is designed as a loose private affair visa but it doesn’t fit the best for a marketing internship.

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