Top 5 Tips for Doing Business in China

//Top 5 Tips for Doing Business in China

Top 5 Tips for Doing Business in China

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1, A Chinese Name and a Business Cards

Getting both yourself and your company a Chinese name is important. A Chinese website or simple Chinese brochures will make you and your company easier to be remember.

2) Show Respect

More so than in the West, showing repect – or ‘Mianzi’ – is all-important. You need to know and use the correct form of address during greetings, meals, drinks or conversations. If you’re asked “Don’t you find the pollution in China terrible?” a truthful but respectful response could be “Well, it’s bad, but given China’s fast economic growth, it’s understandable”.

3) Be Ready to Drink a lot.

Wine culture is one of the important Chinese culture, many business and contract could be closed on the table after a few cups of wine and Chinese Baijiu (it is a traditional Chinses wine)

4) ‘Guanxi’, means relationship.

Don’t underestimate the importance of ‘Guanxi’, the network of connections that allows things to get done. Thousands of years of family oriented culture, coupled with more recent periods of shortages where you needed good connections to get essential products, has resulted in an enduring concept of Guanxi.

5) Have a Long Term View

Even though China, can be the “land of opportunity” for many businesses and deals can be made overnight, it’s always important to consider the long term. It is important to see the future, and also pay attention on the information, get the information in advance is the key to get opportunity before others.


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