How Internship in China can change your life

//How Internship in China can change your life

How Internship in China can change your life

If you are still studying at the university, the internship can be your chance to start ‘real life’. The idea of experiencing new job just seems very rewarding, and the internship is a great way to do it as there is a lot of support. If you are looking for an international carreer and the thought of moving to another country doesn’t terrify you, then an internship in China really is the perfect opportunity! This is a country of impressive skyscrapers and modern living compounds where the new generation of young Chinese live a busy and hectic life. This fascinating contrast gives China an extra dimension which other countries don’t have.

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Surrounded by a different language and culture, you will experience times when you don’t know what’s going on. Moreover, being scared, anxious, and nervous is what being an intern is about. It’s supposed to bring you out of your comfort zone to do and try things that you wouldn’t normally, all in the hope that you will become better because of it. If you are adventurous and like getting out of your comfort zone, then you might be the type of person who would love an internship in China.

Building Relationships is the Key

Chinese cities are welcoming people from all over the world. Being part of an international community of interns increases the chances of meeting people who are working in a large number of industries both in and out of China. The more people who know you and your work, the more support you will have when it comes to turning your internship into a full-time job.  Some of these co-workers will act as workplace references for you should you decide to conduct your job search in another career sector or company.

There are plenty of opportunities to socialise with the rest of the interns: because there are so many of them, you will never find yourself alone, which is actually really nice. There is always someone who is up for doing what you would like to do, whether that is drinking or just chilling.

This Experience Will Make you More Employable Back Home

Of course, you may enjoy the whole experience but later ultimately
decide that China isn’t for you, and you should go back home. Undeniably,
an internship experience in China would add a big winning feature for your CV as well as let you access to various opportunities of pursuing your own global career. Employers genuinely will love your independence and drive to move to a foreign country not to just to have fun, but to work in an international company!

Internship Can be Your Unforgettable Experience

This is obvious, but lots of internships can give you the opportunity to work in areas that you won’t work in anytime in the future, you might meet people that become lifetime friends, or you can realize how passionate you were about something you only got to know through the internship you had. Having an internship can definitely be something that changes your life forever and gives you new perspective.