How an internship at a Chinese company is different than other parts of the world

//How an internship at a Chinese company is different than other parts of the world

How an internship at a Chinese company is different than other parts of the world

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An internship in China can be very different than other parts of the world. Whether you’re going for a paid internship or experiencing the marketing internship for learning compensation, going to a Chinese company can expose you to a brand-new marketplace and help you to potentially even land a job in one of the most competitive markets in the world.

Here are some of the reasons why working with a Chinese company for your internship can be very different than working in the United States:

New markets and new customs: Doing a bit of research into culture and customs before arriving in China is extremely important. Business at major corporations here is done in a different way and it’s much more personal in many cases. Learning this management style and discovering an entirely new way of doing business can really help you to change the nature of your career later on.

You can pick up a new language: learning Mandarin while you are at enjoying an internship in China is a fantastic way that you can assist in business negotiations. As many major corporations in the United States and across the world do regular business in China, having someone who can speak Mandarin could be an incredible asset to a company.

There is history and the corporations here: some of the world’s oldest industries in this area are thousands of years old and they span over generations of the same family. It’s tough to find that type of longevity in the United States. With this level of success comes incredible wisdom.

It’s a different lifestyle: having the ability to appeal to a different market and understand what it means to live in a country with over 1 billion people takes real immersion. Working in a Chinese company can show you how to appeal to such a wide market and how to enjoy a different form of life.

Taking on a marketing internship in China or heading abroad for an internship opportunity could be an experience that you never forget. If you are interested in learning more contact us today.


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