Travel for Tea in China

//Travel for Tea in China

Travel for Tea in China

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If you’re traveling for tea, you should go no further than China. The country still considers tea to be one of its most popular drinks and has been consuming the beverage for centuries.

In fact, before tea was considered a beverage in China, it was used for medicinal purposes and to this day can still be used to treat all kinds of ailments. If you have high cholesterol, fatigue, weak bones, or poor blood flow, you should consider drinking tea as an alternative health treatment. Of course, you should consult your doctor before listening to some guy on the internet.

If you Can travel to China for tea

Where you travel in China for tea is important, as different regions in China are popular for their unique teas. China is also the biggest tea producer in the world, so traveling to the country to get a taste of the local tea can be quite an adventure.

The four main regions

It is said that China traditionally produces tea in 4 main regions, with each area specializing in a different type of tea leaf.

The Jiangnan region

This region is found south of the Yangtze river. The Hangzhou West Lake region provides the best Longjing tea, which is a pan-roasted green tea that many people in the West have grown to love.

The tea has remained popular because it is produced mainly by hand, and even earned the China Famous Tea title, which picks the top ten teas in the country.

In Hunan

According to tea experts, the Hunan region is the most suitable climate for tea. All types of tea can be found in this region, with the Jasmine tea being incredibly well known. Many different types of tea drinks have been made from Jasmine leaves, including the Jasmine Dragon Pearls, which is hand wrapped leaves that unfurl when added to hot water. You can probably imagine how nice it smells just by watching the video below.

Xinan region

In the Xinan region you can find large tea trees, which is best for green, black and dark tea. Pu erh, a type of dark tea is especially popular and has even been made in specialty cakes. Sichuan is one such province that can be found in this popular tea region.

In Jiangbei

This region can be found north of the Yangtze river. Anhui is one such province in the region. The tea leaves found here are much smaller, as they must survive the cold weather. Green tea is usually produced in this region.

The most popular tea found here is the Ming Qian Huang Shan Mao Feng tea, which is usually served to important foreign guests and enjoyed by local monks.

Tips when visiting tea plantations in China

In most cases, you can take trains to visit the tea fields in China. For example, when visiting the “Dragon Well” hill (Longjing) – one of the most famous tea fields in China – you can take a high-speed train from Shanghai and be there in around an hour. It might not be a good idea to take home tea leaves while on your trip though, as prices can be quite high.

If you Can’t travel to China for tea

Good news. You can easily acquire Chinese tea at plenty of shops throughout the world, as it has been gaining popularity around the world. Traveling to China for tea is a great way to embrace its culture and traditions. You can even purchase tea online, as many online distributors ensure quality and freshness. Teasenz is one such online shop that delivers authentic Chinese tea from traditional tea regions in China. Check them out.

Before you do that, let’s learn a bit about Chinese tea and what has made it such a sensation throughout the world. Hopefully, you’ll learn a few things about the drink that you may not have known before.

Coffee or tea for caffeine?

When measured dry, tea has more caffeine than coffee. When prepared, coffee usually wins. This is because more coffee is used in the average cup of Joe than is normally prepared for a glass of tea.

Where did tea originate?

Tea was apparently discovered in southeast China from the Camellia sinensis plant around 4,000 years ago.

Emperor Shenong, who was thought to have lived 4,500 years ago, wrote in the book below that the tea plant can be used to treat a whole host of ailments. Boiling water to make tea was and is still commonly used as an alternative to drinking water. This is especially true in regions where access to safe drinking water is limited.

Is coffee or tea healthier?

The term healthy is a little vague, but tea is said to contain a lot of antioxidants. Tea also contains the amino-acid (L-theanine), which is said to naturally reduce anxiety and is easier for your body to break down compared to caffeine found in coffee.

Enjoy Chinese tea wherever you are

It doesn’t matter where you are. Finding high-quality tea wherever you are in the world is easy nowadays. You can have it shipped, visit China, or go to your favorite restaurant. It’s that easy. So, enjoy!