China: The dream country for success (2)

The opportunities that have risen from diving head first into this delicate yet durable web have kept me here in China. In the UK, going to a networking event would have been lower on my list of things to do than watching a movie or going for cinema. It’s not because I didn’t want to, it’s just that I didn’t know how.

Xilian internship

Founded in 2009, Xilian Group is a local giant in the city of Hangzhou in China possessing eight subsidiaries. It has set foot in business domains including business centers, real estates, Zhejiang industrial goods market, Jinyi cinema, health and care center, and Internet valley. Xilian group occupies a total area of 12,000 km2, locating in the city’s accented developing area.

Internship in China- Jakub Giołbas

Introduction I have worked in Mettler-Toledo Precision Instruments in Changzhou from 15/10/2015 until 08/01/2016. I was assigned to R&D Department. In this report, I would like to describe my work and other activities and summarize the whole internship period. During my internship period, I dealt with zero-shift problems in aluminum load cells. Such kind of Read more about Internship in China- Jakub Giołbas[…]

China internship makes you have a better development

Lantern Festival has passed, and the grand family reunion party came to an end. In the Spring time we reunite with our parents, there are still many China internship students continue to stay in China, and enjoy the Chinese New Year with friends. Some MandarinGarden Chinese teacher will take foreign students into their homes to Read more about China internship makes you have a better development[…]

How To Write Your CV For Chinese Company

One of our European job seekers once told me that it is illegal to request pictures or date of birth on the CV, because that borders on discrimination. As much as we respect every professional foreign talent who is seeking job opportunities in China, we still need to be honest and present the truth about how the HR system works in China. Just keep in mind that, as headhunters, we want you to get hired more than anyone else, we are only trying to help, not trying to invade your privacy or be mean.

Here’s why Shenzhen will replace Silicon Valley in 2017

For the past few decades, Silicon Valley has been the global innovation hub. To think that this will last forever, however, is ludicrous. Just as history has proven, the world’s “center for innovation” cycles from place to place – just as Babylon changed the world, eventually so did Alexandria, then Ancient Greece, and then Berlin. Read more about Here’s why Shenzhen will replace Silicon Valley in 2017[…]

Difference between CV and Resume

Question: Curriculum Vitae vs. Resume? What is the difference between a curriculum vitae (CV) and a resume? Answer: The primary differences between a resumeand a curriculum vitae (CV) are the length, what is included and what each is used for. A resume is a one or two page summary of your skills, experience and education. Read more about Difference between CV and Resume[…]