50 Ways a Foreigner Becomes More Chinese

I have now lived in China longer than it took to get my bachelor’s degree. While no one is going to confuse me with any of my Chinese colleagues or friends, the experience has definitely made a difference in my daily routine and how I see the world. In my estimation, it has been a positive change.

Why Original Chinese Theater Is Much Ado About Nothing

China’s theater industry is experiencing a worrisome boom. Though more and more plays are being produced, and audience numbers are increasing every year, the market is flooded with foreign productions, commercial adaptations, and classic Chinese plays. Experimental theaters — known simply as “small theaters” in Mandarin — are in decline, despite their strong track record Read more about Why Original Chinese Theater Is Much Ado About Nothing[…]

Foreigners share their opinions on China’s transformation

American men Charlie Erickson, Jay Thornhill and Tyler McNew creating an e-commerce website called Baopals, which navigates Alibaba’s Taobao and Tmall in English translation, are seen on the rooftop of a building against the skyline of the Shanghai Tower, the Shanghai World Financial Center, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower and other high-rise buildings and skyscrapers in Shanghai, China, 9 August 2017.