Google Invests in Chinese Live Streaming Site

Chushou, a popular gaming livestream site in China with over 8 million users just got a huge investment from a group led by Google parent company Alphabet Inc. Chushou specializes in e-sports livestreams of mobile games, and Google is interested in taking the site international, even competing with the likes of Twitch. Several companies are behind the massive $120 million investment, and while it’s not known how much Google contributed, it’s believed they ponied up the bulk of it.

China Trade Promotion Business on a New Historical Beginning (1)

On October 18, the opening session of the 19th CPC National Congress was held at the Great Hall of People in Beijing. Jiang Zengwei, Chairman of the CCPIT who has held party membership for 46 years, is one of the 2,338 congress members. He has experienced the great journey of China’s opening-up and reform initiative, Read more about China Trade Promotion Business on a New Historical Beginning (1)[…]

Aladdin internship

Aladdin digital group focus on the 3D map data production, three-dimensional urban development and operation, spatial information technology past.
Now The company’s business involves cloud computing, three-dimensional map, real estate tourism, smart campus, cross-border electricity suppliers, Internet banking, social networking, etc.. Allah technology has been listed on the new board.


China has become the 1st economic power in the world. As China is increasingly becoming internationalized, more job opportunities are arising and available for foreigners. In general, foreign workersin China are employees at international companies with the largest proportion working in marketing and sales, banking,finance and engineering.

Advantages of Intern in China

China is now the world’s number one economy in terms of size. Its remarkable development has an impact on people all over the globe. In today’s globalized economy, familiarity with Chinese culture and language has become more important than ever. Constructive work experience in China is likely to be an invaluable asset to your future Read more about Advantages of Intern in China[…]

6 Tips for Learning Chinese without Studying

Hi, my name is Nora and I am a terrible student. I’ve purchased nine or so Chinese learning books since the time I began learning Chinese. But I’ll admit to you now, I haven’t gotten through even one of them. They currently sit on the shelves of my apartment, wistfully gazing out the windows all day.