Two Learning Methods for Beginner and Advanced Chinese Learner

You may be wondering, as someone studying Mandarin, if there is any difference in the learning methods of beginners and advanced students? If we use the same methods from the beginning level and up, does it work? As a Chinese teacher, I can give you a clear answer: NO! Each level has its own content and targets, and its own methods. A smart student is someone who can apply the most suitable learning method to his level.

Here’s why Shenzhen will replace Silicon Valley in 2017

For the past few decades, Silicon Valley has been the global innovation hub. To think that this will last forever, however, is ludicrous. Just as history has proven, the world’s “center for innovation” cycles from place to place – just as Babylon changed the world, eventually so did Alexandria, then Ancient Greece, and then Berlin. Read more about Here’s why Shenzhen will replace Silicon Valley in 2017[…]

2017 China International Tourism & Trade Fair

From 17th to 19th November 2017, 2017 China International Travel & Trade Fair (CITTF) held at Dian Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center in Kunming. As the largest comprehensive international tourism exhibition in Asia, the total area of the trade fair is nearly 70,000 square meters, with more than 3,700 standard booths, attracting 527 overseas traveling traders Read more about 2017 China International Tourism & Trade Fair[…]

50 Ways a Foreigner Becomes More Chinese

I have now lived in China longer than it took to get my bachelor’s degree. While no one is going to confuse me with any of my Chinese colleagues or friends, the experience has definitely made a difference in my daily routine and how I see the world. In my estimation, it has been a positive change.

internship in shenzhen

Marketing Internship in shenzhen China with Bird International

This company specializes in providing logistics or related services for cross-border electricity supplier export enterprises. We also provide one-stop services such as warehousing and distribution in foreign countries. Now there are more than 50 staff working in company.