Chinese vs American Schools: Which Are Better?

Most American families in China send their children to international schools. Not Lenora Chu’s family. The Texas native and her husband moved to China the same year that international standardized testing ranked 15-year-olds in Shanghai the best at math in the world. Shortly after, Chu enrolled her son Rainey in one of the city’s most prestigious Chinese kindergartens, Soong Qing Ling. And it was… a shock, as Chu writes in the introduction to her book on the subject, Little Soldiers: An American Boy, a Chinese School and the Global Race to Achieve.

Aladdin internship

Aladdin digital group focus on the 3D map data production, three-dimensional urban development and operation, spatial information technology past.
Now The company’s business involves cloud computing, three-dimensional map, real estate tourism, smart campus, cross-border electricity suppliers, Internet banking, social networking, etc.. Allah technology has been listed on the new board.

Why Original Chinese Theater Is Much Ado About Nothing

China’s theater industry is experiencing a worrisome boom. Though more and more plays are being produced, and audience numbers are increasing every year, the market is flooded with foreign productions, commercial adaptations, and classic Chinese plays. Experimental theaters — known simply as “small theaters” in Mandarin — are in decline, despite their strong track record Read more about Why Original Chinese Theater Is Much Ado About Nothing[…]

How Internship in China can change your life

If you are still studying at the university, the internship can be your chance to start ‘real life’. The idea of experiencing new job just seems very rewarding, and the internship is a great way to do it as there is a lot of support. If you are looking for an international carreer and the thought of moving to another country doesn’t terrify you, then an internship in China really is the perfect opportunity! This is a country of impressive skyscrapers and modern living compounds where the new generation of young Chinese live a busy and hectic life. This fascinating contrast gives China an extra dimension which other countries don’t have.

Chinese latest economic news(1)

The National Bureau of Statistics news, in September, China’s Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) was 52.4%, 0.7% higher than last month. The manufacturing sector continues to maintain a stable and good development trend and the pace of expansion has accelerated. China’s non-manufacturing business activity index was 55.4%, an increase of 2% over the previous month. The non-manufacturing sector continued to grow and the growth rate has accelerated.

Marketing Internship for China Hangzhou JIcool

Marketing Internship for China Hangzhou JIcool information technology Co., Ltd.    This position is provided by internshipunion which is a free service agency for foreign students who want come to China for internship, and provide free accommodation (homestay)service.   Hangzhou JIcool information technology Co., Ltd is a company engaged bags, Watch products. Also a cross-border Read more about Marketing Internship for China Hangzhou JIcool[…]