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8 don’ts while teaching English in China

Despite some newcomers on the ESL scene, teaching in China remains an incredibly popular destination for ESL teachers looking to teach abroad. However, going to China as an expat and a teacher means taking on more responsibility than you might as a backpacker or tourist just passing through. As with any country you travel to, there are things you should learn and remember about the culture so as not to offend the locals.

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How to Haggle in Chinese Markets

Haggling in street markets and smaller shops is a part of everyday life in China. As a tourist you will be marked out as someone who might pay over the odds for something. Try to shop around a bit to get an idea of prices first, and stick to your guns when you haggle. Keep good humoured and have some fun, but respect that the vendors are trying to make a living.

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Visa news: China plans to streamline immigration process

On Tuesday 16 March, the National People's Congress in Beijing presented a plan to consolidate and streamline China's immigration oversight. According to reporting by South China Morning Post, the plan's goal is to, in part, attract more foreign talent by streamlining their immigration process.

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Advice to young people for career selection

Last week I stumbled upon an article by the chief executive of Boston Consulting Group telling twentysomethings how to “accelerate” their careers. Rich Lesser has based his advice on his own splendid, if safe, one — a few years at Procter& Gamble followed by an MBA from Harvard and then 28 years at BCG. Along the way he has spoken to thousands of young people and felt moved to tell them where they were going wrong — and how they could become more like him.

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Are these most offensive questions ever asked in job interviews

Research commissioned by the Equality and Human Rights Commission (and conducted by YouGov), has found that out of 1,106 senior executives surveyed, a third of those working for private companies thought it was ok to ask a woman about her plans to have children in the future. Almost half said they thought it was reasonable to ask a woman if she had small children.

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Here’s How to Skip Immigration Lines in China with a Z Visa

More great news for foreigner travelers in China. Frequent travelers with a Z visa can now use the E-Channel to skip immigration queues at the airport, according to China Briefing. This comes after China introduced six-day, 144-hour visa-free transit to foreigners from 51 countries.

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Shangai plans to be China’s ‘most international city’

“Trying to hook on to VPNs for everything is a real pain,” Mukherjee said, referring to virtual private networks that help internet users in China get around blocks on sites including Twitter, Google and Facebook. At the same time, rising costs are making the city almost as expensive as Hong Kong, forcing Mukherjee to send his children to school in a neighbouring province.

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China’s Horoscope for the Year of the Dog

According to the Chinese zodiac, we've just entered the Year of the Dog. Let’s shake some paws and wag our tails for that! The Year of the Dog officially starts on Feb 16, 2018, bringing with it new advantages and challenges for China. In the name of preparedness and silliness, we've consulted the stars and our crystal balls to bring you our horoscope for China in the Year of the Dog.

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