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In the competitive world, everyone the need the best internship program for the required field. The people gain the better knowledge and skill with the aid of the internship program. We arrange the student internships abroad and pick up the ideal relationship with the well-known companies in the world. We are tie-up with many leading companies across the world. You access the free internship program with us at any time. You can fill the required form for attending the internship program. We arrange everything that better for the internship seekers. You attend the internship in different streams that beneficial for your career. We are the ideal option for those who want the internship. You can receive the exciting things and learn the discipline things in a perfect way. We are the highly suggested service provider at the present time and give many options to the interns. You can truly enjoy the internship program.


Gain professional experience in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou. Pick your ideal internship in China from over 200 positions in all marketing field especially for e-commence business companies.


We offer safe, reliable and good-living environment Chinese families as hosts. Interns will live in an individual room and get in touch with Chinese culture truly and directly. But as exchange condition, language class is necessary for host family.


If you are inspired by culture or filling your mind with new and exciting things and want to learn to be more disciplined and powerful in your work, highly suggest coming to China for an internship. It must be a new world.


Starting an internship in China is nearly impossible without the help of someone already in the country. Having that person on the ground in China to help you with any problem you may encounter not only reduces stress but also saves you tons of time.

This is an important one for the internship seekers. They can hire the best service provider and keep the unique program with the required branch. Now, most of the people are interested to find out the best professionals for accessing the internship offers. The price is not a matter for it. You get different techniques in the industry that improves the way of work in a different field. You can keep in touch with us and provide the accommodation services until the internship program. It is one of the best ways to improve the talents in the business. The programs tell what way to attract the customer and give the services to them. The marketers gain the benefits of the program and work well. We are the right internship provider right now across the world. You access our professionals through the social media sites.


Free marketing internship provider
The best paid internship in China for marketers

Our company recruits worldwide marketers who are interested in gaining experience in this booming marketplace.

Many of our alumni's come from prestigious schools across the world and it's easy to connect with them to hear their stories over Linkedin, facebook and other social networks. Our paid internship in China is one of the best ways to bolster your marketing talents from leading business schools and work in one of the most competitive markets in the entire world.

Contact our company today if you are interested in learning more about this once-in-a-lifetime internship opportunity.

  • Only focus on marketing internship position specially for ecommerce

  • Provide free homestay program, interns can have a free room during the stay as a language exchange

  • No agency fee for internship position, interns just pay the air ticket and visa fee.

  • Take your 2 days’ time to get one internship position after the interview with us.

program location citys

we promote this program in four citys






Free program:
Internship position (confirm before internship begins)
All contract or evaluation (according to student’s performance ) with school
Visa consultation (not visa service)
Homestay(Eighty percent of the students can get it)
Common Suggestion and tips
Emergency assistance (call only for emergency situation)

Additional service(option) :
Habitation registration :100$
Open a Chinese bank account : 100$
Help to buy a Chinese SIM card : 100$
Picking up from airport or train station : 150$
Change a homestay family or help to find a flat to rent : 150$
Other assistance price can be changed according to the requirement

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