Internship in China- Jakub Giołbas

//Internship in China- Jakub Giołbas

Internship in China- Jakub Giołbas


I have worked in Mettler-Toledo Precision Instruments in Changzhou from 15/10/2015 until 08/01/2016. I was assigned to R&D Department. In this report, I would like to describe my work and other activities and summarize the whole internship period.

During my internship period, I dealt with zero-shift problems in aluminum load cells. Such kind of problem means that the output of a scale after loading and subsequent unloading is different from zero. It usually happens when the maximum capacity of a scale was exceeded or the weight was not applied in the usual position (in the center of a weighing platform), but for example in the very corner of a weighing platform. I had to perform Finite Element Analyses in Ansys, as well as manual tests at the production line.

I reckon that my work has been useful both to me and to the company. As I am a mechanical engineer, I wish I would find a similar job in my future career. This experience is invaluable; it can certainly increase my chances. The company has now answers to a few important questions and has got some help in the design and analyses process.

Everyday life in China 在中国的日常生活

Our apartment is quite big; it has 4 bedrooms, a huge living room and is very comfortable. It is equipped with all the necessary household appliances and a TV (Chinese channels only). The only downside of the apartment is the internet access, which is rather slow and unstable. The apartment has a huge upside, however; it is paid for by the company.

Travelling in China 在中国的旅行
Most of the people that came to China for internships travel quite a lot. I also love this idea of getting to know the country. It is my first time in China, so I wanted to get around as much as I could.

We can normally travel only on the weekends, but it is still a good opportunity to get to know different cities of the country. I personally have been to Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Beijing and I’m going to the province of Sichuan. All of the trips were valuable; they gave me unforgettable memories and lots of pictures that I can share with my family and friends. I know that China is an enormous country and it is technically impossible to visit it all during one three-months-long trip, but I think I did almost as much as I could.

It has been really easy to organize a trip. Bullet trains are extremely fast and comfortable and ticket prices are quite reasonable (considering how fast you go). K-trains are also decent – even though they are much slower, the price is a real bargain. I have never had any problem using public transportation – metro in every city that I visited is cheap and very easy to use, you cannot probably get lost or not know where to go. Buses, however, are sometimes a bit more difficult to catch / to plan your trip, but then Baidu Maps are of great help. Taxis are cheap, but sometimes it is difficult to communicate with the driver.

Conclusion 总结
I will have spent 3 months and 4 days in China altogether. At first, it seemed such a long time, but now I see that time flies extremely fast. In fact, I wish I could stay here for longer. I have met a lot of great people – colleagues from Mettler-Toledo, other interns and members of IAESTE China. Surely I will never forget this experience. I have also seen a few places in this extremely beautiful country, including a few positions from UNESCO list. There are plenty of beautiful cities and tourist attractions that I have not been to, but that is just yet another reason to go back to China once again.