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Ways to teach in a Chinese classroom: Tips for English teachers

1. Increase comprehension lessons The majority of the students love to read stories and comprehensions. It attracts their interest in the subject matter. While handing out comprehension materials to your students, it is a good thing to explain the background to them. This is bound to capture their attention. Helping your students solve comprehension problems increases their reading and understanding skills.

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Ups and downs for an American teacher in China

I'll never forget the day I decided to move to China. I had been debating the pros and cons of moving to China for weeks. Finally, even though there were quite a few cons (giving up my posh condo, quitting my well paid job, saying goodbye to my beloved friends and family) I had a nagging feeling that if I didn't go, I would regret it for the rest of my life. I called the company I got TEFL certified through and booked my spot on an internship. "No going back now." I thought to myself.

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8 don’ts while teaching English in China

Despite some newcomers on the ESL scene, teaching in China remains an incredibly popular destination for ESL teachers looking to teach abroad. However, going to China as an expat and a teacher means taking on more responsibility than you might as a backpacker or tourist just passing through. As with any country you travel to, there are things you should learn and remember about the culture so as not to offend the locals.

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American couple teaching English in China: Why we stay

Early in our marriage we decided that we were not destined for the stereotypical lifestyle of our Midwestern upbringing and dreamed of traveling the world. However, at that time, our life was still a bit too chaotic to turn our dream into reality.

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9 insider tips for teaching English in China

With a high demand for English teachers, you’ll have no problem finding a job -- but there are some tips and tricks you simply won't learn from Google searches. Which is why after teaching English in China for several years now, I want to share with you nine insider tips to help you make the most of your time teaching abroad in China.

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