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Why Chinese men lag behind foreigners in dating and casual sex

"It is easier for Western men to start flirting with women and therefore you must be prepared that you are not the only beneficiary of his charm," she wrote, adding that though Chinese men take more time getting to know women, once they've made up their mind, they tend to permanently settle down with her. 

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Deadpool Coming to Chinese Theater After 2 Years

The R-rated comic book moviewas a surprise hit, which earned over $700 million worldwide upon its release in 2016. However, China has never played the movie and never gave a reason for why it never got on to the big screen over there. Deadpool will premiere in China a few weeks before the sequel is released.

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How to Haggle in Chinese Markets

Haggling in street markets and smaller shops is a part of everyday life in China. As a tourist you will be marked out as someone who might pay over the odds for something. Try to shop around a bit to get an idea of prices first, and stick to your guns when you haggle. Keep good humoured and have some fun, but respect that the vendors are trying to make a living.

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Visa news: China plans to streamline immigration process

On Tuesday 16 March, the National People's Congress in Beijing presented a plan to consolidate and streamline China's immigration oversight. According to reporting by South China Morning Post, the plan's goal is to, in part, attract more foreign talent by streamlining their immigration process.

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RMB 100,000,000 To Attract Foreign Talents To Hangzhou 1(1)

On Feb. 27, Press Conference on Talent Development Work is held in Hangzhou, announcing a series of news including suggestions on facilitating international-level talent development, building a group of “renowned universities, colleges and institutes”, policies on entry and exit convenience for foreign talents, and upcoming new policies for foreigners to work in Hangzhou. What are the details? Let’s have a look!

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Chinese Scientists Successfully Clone Monkeys in Shanghai

The two cloned female crab-eating macaques, named Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua (after the word “Zhonghua,” meaning "Chinese Nation"), were born at the Institute of Neuroscience, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in late December. A third monkey named Meng Meng is also due at the end of this month, while more are due later this year.

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Students Fight Back Against Forced Factory Labor

Though Liaocheng University in Shandong has since terminated the internship program, the incident has again thrust student exploitation into the spotlight, less than two months after Apple discovered illegal student labor at an iPhone X factory in China.

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Student Internship Experience during Summer Vacation

Randolph Chester Yu,an international master’s student in Management Economics, took time to sharehis internship experience with the student assistant. He spent last summer inXiamen with VMS(Xiamen) Supply Chain Co. Ltd, a business focused on logistics and supply chains.

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