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American couple teaching English in China: Why we stay

Early in our marriage we decided that we were not destined for the stereotypical lifestyle of our Midwestern upbringing and dreamed of traveling the world. However, at that time, our life was still a bit too chaotic to turn our dream into reality.

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China’s cross-border e-commerce trade sees 80% growth in 2017

With China's online retail market growing at breakneck speed, a new group of shopping platforms, represented by Xiaohongshu and Kaola, are gaining more followers with innovative business models, Japan’s business-oriented newspaper Nihon Keizai Shimbun said in a recent article.

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Why Chinese men lag behind foreigners in dating and casual sex

"It is easier for Western men to start flirting with women and therefore you must be prepared that you are not the only beneficiary of his charm," she wrote, adding that though Chinese men take more time getting to know women, once they've made up their mind, they tend to permanently settle down with her. 

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China Dining Custom

In China, as with any culture, there are rules and customs that surround what is appropriate and what is not when dining, whether it is in a restaurant or in someone’s home. Learning the appropriate way to act and what to say will not only help you feel like a native, but will also make those around you more comfortable, and able to focus on you, instead of your interesting eating habits.

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From Compton to Google: How to fix tech’s diversity problem

The summer of 2001, I found myself in a hotel conference suite hearing from a successful black businessman named Brian Morton share his career experience. Sitting in a room with 40 or so other students of color, I listened with eager expectation as he imparted wisdom about the world of business into which I would soon embark.

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How to Save Up for a Gap Year Adventure

Gap year adventures are a trend that is continually gaining momentum. Statistics show that, annually in the UK, about 2.5 million students take a gap year before university. They are popular for a reason; known to boost academic focus, self-confidence, and personal development. However, they don't come cheap and saving money is a large part of the process. Tempted by such a life changing experience? Below is our advice on how to save for your very own gap year adventure.

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Google Invests in Chinese Live Streaming Site

Chushou, a popular gaming livestream site in China with over 8 million users just got a huge investment from a group led by Google parent company Alphabet Inc. Chushou specializes in e-sports livestreams of mobile games, and Google is interested in taking the site international, even competing with the likes of Twitch. Several companies are behind the massive $120 million investment, and while it’s not known how much Google contributed, it’s believed they ponied up the bulk of it.

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