at få en praktikplads i Kina

/at få en praktikplads i Kina

9 insider tips for teaching English in China

With a high demand for English teachers, you’ll have no problem finding a job -- but there are some tips and tricks you simply won't learn from Google searches. Which is why after teaching English in China for several years now, I want to share with you nine insider tips to help you make the most of your time teaching abroad in China.

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My experience as a volunteer at Shanghai Young Bakers

When I started volunteering at Shanghai Young Bakers nearly 2 years ago (how time flies), I did not really know what to expect.  My job was to look for new sponsors and funding, an activity that can be frustrating at times as not all contacts will convert to donors or partners, but successes easily made up for the less successful projects. This job certainly taught me to be patient as good things often take time before they happen.

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Deadpool Coming to Chinese Theater After 2 Years

The R-rated comic book moviewas a surprise hit, which earned over $700 million worldwide upon its release in 2016. However, China has never played the movie and never gave a reason for why it never got on to the big screen over there. Deadpool will premiere in China a few weeks before the sequel is released.

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How to Haggle in Chinese Markets

Haggling in street markets and smaller shops is a part of everyday life in China. As a tourist you will be marked out as someone who might pay over the odds for something. Try to shop around a bit to get an idea of prices first, and stick to your guns when you haggle. Keep good humoured and have some fun, but respect that the vendors are trying to make a living.

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The right way to fire an employee

"No one likes to fire people, it doesn't matter how successful or high up they are," said Kristi Hedges, leadership coach and author of The Power of Presence. But having to let workers go comes with the territory of being an employer. And while there are a host of legal issues surrounding how to properly lay off a worker, experts said there are also practical and emotional considerations to take into account when delivering the news.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Though the main ideas and techniques are thousands of years old, the traditional medical practices are still important, and are even being adopted around the world. Here is information about moxibustion, fire cupping, acupuncture, qigongand tai chi, massage and acupressure, traditional herbology and medicines, medicinal cuisine, and the history and philosophy of traditional Chinese medicine.

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Chinese Response to Opioid Report in America

The response came in the wake of statements from Republican Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio and others on Capitol Hill this week calling for increased pressure on countries, particularly China, where the bulk of the world’s illicit synthetic opioids are manufactured. Portman said the alarming report shows just how easy it is to obtain fentanyl from China, and said lawmakers are not doing enough to prevent trafficking. He said that the “federal government can, and must, act to shore up our defenses,” reports The Times-Gazette.

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Student Internship Experience during Summer Vacation

Randolph Chester Yu,an international master’s student in Management Economics, took time to sharehis internship experience with the student assistant. He spent last summer inXiamen with VMS(Xiamen) Supply Chain Co. Ltd, a business focused on logistics and supply chains.

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