Chinese latest economic news(2)

//Chinese latest economic news(2)

Chinese latest economic news(2)

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6. CNR Online news, the first national government background housing rental platform online test run. This platform by the Hangzhou City Housing Security and Real Estate Authority, Alibaba Group provides technical support. Hangzhou housing rental control service platform official head ZHENG Chenliang said that in order to ensure the availability and reliability, Hangzhou City Housing Authority has the right to verify on the ownership of listed houses, Alibaba has a service for the verification.

7. China Securities Journal news, fund-raising is difficult to become the general phenomenon in the private sector recently. Industry insiders said that although some private investors are optimistic about the market outlook, radicals even want to gain leverage gains. In the context of strict control of financial risks, it is obvious that market funds holds a wait and see attitude, investment should be prudent and rational. In the next period of time in the future, small and medium private fund-raising problem will continue and the private sector reshuffle will accelerate.

8. CCTV Online news, the Chinese 5G Promotion Group made of the Ministry of Industry and Information, National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Science and Technology jointly organized to announce the results of the second phase of 5G. It shows that each indicator meets the International Telecommunications Union standards and 5G is expected to achieve the commercializations by 2020. In this year’s organization of the 5G second phase of the test, some Chinese companies almost perform the industry’s best level. This means that the 5G era of Chinese communications companies are expected to lead the world.

9. Xinhua News Agency news, the implementation of the new version of “Shenzhen Housing Provident Fund Loan Management Regulations” was released recently, which provides that the child’s provident fund can be used for the parents to purchase or repay the parents loans. Children’s provident fund account balance can be shared with parents to apply for a higher loan amount; or directly to the parents of the provident fund loans principal and interest to ease the repayment pressure. It helps to achieve intergeneric provident fund account balance of the Unicom, maximizing the role of provident fund loans.

10. Beijing Daily News, starting from September 29, the National Day movie market war began with the showing of “Sewing Machine Band” “Sky Hunter” and other films. According to industrial insiders’ expectation, the total box office of National Day is expected to reach 2.4 billion this year and the average daily income was more than 300 million yuan, far more than the same period last year.



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