Be better,in Binjiang.

//Be better,in Binjiang.

Be better,in Binjiang.


We are inclusive and open Binjiang, International Zone ,which is forging ahead to the world, passionately hugging the world and generously integrating into the world, blooming gorgeous brilliance!我们是包容开放的“国际滨”,正阔步走向世界、激情拥抱世界、大气融入世界,绽放绚丽光彩!

“High” and “New” are always the core principles of the development of Hangzhou High-tech Zone (Binjiang). 一直以来,“高”与“新”是杭州高新区(滨江)发展的核心要义。

With happy entrepreneurship, joyful life, as well as livable and enterprise-adaptable environment, Hangzhou High-tech Zone (Binjiang) has become a peaceful place for more and more new and old Bingjiang’s People.快乐创业、幸福生活,宜居宜业的杭州高新区(滨江),成为越来越多新老滨江人的心安之处。


Rooted in Binjiang, International Zone, those enterprises act locally as well as globally to reach the world, becoming shining footnotes of Binjiang, International Zone.根植于“国际滨”的企业,立足之本,放眼全球,走向世界,成为滨江国际化的闪亮注脚。

Here,gathering a lot of leading enterprises,such as:Alibaba、Hikvision、Netease、Geely、New H3C、Huawei Hangzhou Research and Development Center、ZK software、DAHUA……这里聚集了一批龙头企业:阿里巴巴、海康威视、网易、吉利、新华三、华为杭州研发中心、中控、大华……

There are five industrial platforms in binjiang:

White Horse Lake Creative Eco-City、IOT Industrial Park、Internet Economy Industrial Park、Smart New World、Olympic And International Expo Center。滨江有五大产业平台:白马湖生态创意城、物联网产业园、互联网经济产业园、智慧新天地、奥体博览城。


25 world top 500 enterprises invest 38 projects.25家世界500强企业投资38个项目。

There are 12 national incubators and 24 provincial incubators.拥有国家级众创空间12家,省级众创空间24家。



More than 20 thousand college graduates are employed in this district every year .Attracted over 6600 returnees. Have 2700 for foreign resident populations in the entire area.全区每年新增大学生就业2万人以上。引进海归人员6600余人。全区外籍常驻人口2700余人。

People with different colors and different accents find a harbour here, using home feelings to bridge the gap between this bank and that bank. 不同的肤色、不同的乡音,在这里找到了温馨的港湾,用家的情怀拉近此岸与彼岸的距离。

Smart and meaningful Baima Lake is surrounded by islands, on which there are the lush green and crossing bridge and water.灵动隽永的白马湖,湖岛环抱,满目苍翠,桥水交印。

Old streets reflected the old feelings, making the new town become soft.悠悠老街,倒映着旧时情怀,让新城变得柔软。

Large and small city parks are located in Sci-tech New Town, bringing people closer to nature.大大小小的城市公园分布在科技新城中,让人们与自然亲近。

Fascinating and beautiful Binjiang, International Zone, one road one landscape.醉美“国际滨”,一路一风景。

Living in Binjiang, International Zone, you can always feel happiness of my peaceful mind. 生活在“国际滨”,总能体验吾心安处的幸福。

In the early morning or evening,the life way of facing the glow or neon, running, riding a bike and dancing, in Hangzhou High-tech Zone (Binjiang)  has become a new trend.