The Chinese Town Where Crickets are Worth More Than Gold

Cricket fighting has been popular in China for thousands of years, and with the country in full economic boom, fans of the “sport” are investing more money into it than ever before. One town in particular has built an entire industry around the genetically-superior crickets living in the surrounding fields, and for good reason, as the best specimens can reportedly sell for up to 50,000 yuan ($7,661).

Ancient Chinese Ink Might Hold Cancer Fighting Secrets

For centuries, Chinese artists and calligraphers have used their inks to tell countless stories of the world we live in – and now their medium could have a new purpose.
Scientists have discovered that a traditional plant-based Chinese ink called Hu-Kaiwen ink contains distinctive molecular properties that aren’t just suited to inscribing messages on paper – they’re also ideal for killing cancer cells.

Chinese highly educated women are mocked as sexless third gender

In China, they say that there are three genders: male, female, and female PhD. “It’s a joke that means we’re asexual and not feminine enough,” says Deng, a 27-year-old sociology PhD candidate from China’s southern province of Hunan, sitting at a small metal table outside the main library at Hong Kong University.

internship in shenzhen

Marketing Internship in shenzhen China with Bird International

This company specializes in providing logistics or related services for cross-border electricity supplier export enterprises. We also provide one-stop services such as warehousing and distribution in foreign countries. Now there are more than 50 staff working in company.

How Internship in China can change your life

If you are still studying at the university, the internship can be your chance to start ‘real life’. The idea of experiencing new job just seems very rewarding, and the internship is a great way to do it as there is a lot of support. If you are looking for an international carreer and the thought of moving to another country doesn’t terrify you, then an internship in China really is the perfect opportunity! This is a country of impressive skyscrapers and modern living compounds where the new generation of young Chinese live a busy and hectic life. This fascinating contrast gives China an extra dimension which other countries don’t have.

4 types of VISA for internship in China

If you are considering an internship in China, you will need to think what kind of visa you need to have for the internship. Here I listed 4 types of visas for undergraduates and graduates from local Chinese university or abroad universities and for a Special group of students “ French” to do internship in China.

Akash Ghai: My internship experience in China Daily

Akash Ghai, a 23-year-old photojournalism graduate of the Pennsylvania State University, came to the Photo Department of China Daily early this June. As the first foreign intern of the department in its 35-year history, Ghai, who was born in the United States and grew up in India, discovered the country through his lens.