9 reasons why you should do internship in China!

Being the world’s fastest growing major economy, China has unsurprisingly becoming one of the most attractive destinations for many international undergraduates and graduates to start their internships or careers. Based on this tendency, I founded Set in China, an internship agency to help those talents find the best opportunities to accomplish their professional and personal development goals; however, the more I learned about this business, the more reasons I found why people should not do an internship in China.

Chinese latest economic news(2)

6. CNR Online news, the first national government background housing rental platform online test run. This platform by the Hangzhou City Housing Security and Real Estate Authority, Alibaba Group provides technical support. Hangzhou housing rental control service platform official head ZHENG Chenliang said that in order to ensure the availability and reliability, Hangzhou City Housing Authority has the right to verify on the ownership of listed houses, Alibaba has a service for the verification.

Chinese latest economic news(1)

The National Bureau of Statistics news, in September, China’s Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) was 52.4%, 0.7% higher than last month. The manufacturing sector continues to maintain a stable and good development trend and the pace of expansion has accelerated. China’s non-manufacturing business activity index was 55.4%, an increase of 2% over the previous month. The non-manufacturing sector continued to grow and the growth rate has accelerated.

A Growing Number Of Chinese Students Seek Overseas Internships

Guo Nana, 21, is a senior at Shandong University of Technology. In August of 2016, she lived for one month in Cambodia to intern at a non-government organization called E-tuk Education. The student told the Global Times that she hoped this experience could expand her world vision while also add a highlight to her resume.