2017 China International Tourism & Trade Fair

//2017 China International Tourism & Trade Fair

2017 China International Tourism & Trade Fair

From 17th to 19th November 2017, 2017 China International Travel & Trade Fair (CITTF) held at Dian Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center in Kunming. As the largest comprehensive international tourism exhibition in Asia, the total area of the trade fair is nearly 70,000 square meters, with more than 3,700 standard booths, attracting 527 overseas traveling traders from Russia, the United States, Europe, Hong Kong, Maucao and Taiwan regions , sum up to 71 countries and regions. Led by deputy Qing Dingbo, Chongqing Tourism organized a total of 14 districts and counties Tourism Bureau and tourism associations, scenic spots, travel agencies, cruise business and other 10 member units, nearly 150 people attended the exhibition.

(1) Innovating group exhibition mode and exploring “government sets up stage, business perform” mode.

This year, Chongqing Tourism boldly innovate, uniting the City Tourism and Chongqing Tourism Investment Group for the first time. The City Tourism subscribed  exhibition booths and organize the relevant exhibitors and the Chongqing Tourism Investment Group is  responsible for booth construction , undertaking promotion activities and carrying out tourism publicity in Chongqing, highlighting the “government set up stage and business perform” mode, fully motivating the subjective initiative of enterprises, and achieving excellent group exhibition effect.

(2) Sticking to the theme of marketing and fully displaying “City Of Landscape · Chongqing The Pretty”

Chongqing exhibition groups closely focused on the theme of “City Of Landscape · Chongqing The Pretty”,  organized special exhibition booths of 300 square meters at the fair site and arranged them according to the way of regional linkage. They selected main area, western Chongqing, northeast Chongqing, and  Southeast Chongqing as four main scenic spots for production display, and set up to discussion tables and chairs and information tables for facilitating on-site sales of tourism enterprises and negotiating tourist routes products.

(3) Highlighting business, city tourism enterprises actively exploring the market.

The exhibitors such as Chongqing Travel Investment Group, Chongqing CYTS, Chongqing Potala Hotel and other travel enterprises sufficiently grasp the platform of this fair to carry out the outreach. , The Chongqing Travel Investment Group, in particular, organizing its 11 subsidiaries and Kunming Comfort Travel, Yunnan TV stations and other major mainstream travel agencies, green agents and media guests a total of more than 150 people during the trip in Kunming,  holding a special promotion at Sofitel Hotel. Deputy Qin Dingbo attended the promotion and delivered a speech, displaying the determination of building an upgraded version of tourism in Chongqing, and looking forward to common development with all colleagues in Kunming.

(4) Media attention from all directions, Chongqing tourism overall image highlights further.

During the CITTF, Chongqing tourism attracted media attention from all walks of life. Deputy Qin Dingbo  guested “China Tourism News” and “Phoenix” news conference room and took an interview with summery of “product breakthroughs, brand breakthroughs, publicity breakthroughs, market breakthroughs”as the highlight of Chongqing exhibitors. At the show site, Sina Chongqing use the most popular webcast way and set up a “Chongqing Tourism” broadcast room,  broadcasting the condition of Chongqing exhibition groups, gaining an amount of 100,000 and constantly praise.